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You get off of work late and start walking to your car. You don't hear the footsteps behind you because you're too busy fumbling for your keys in your bag and thinking about your Saturday night plans. Next thing you know, someone grabs you from behind, reaching for your purse and trying to take it away from you.

What this unsuspecting thief doesn’t know is that you’ve prepared yourself for this very situation with self-defense tools from He might have the element of surprise, but you’ve got a stun baton and pepper spray that trumps his sneakiness and lack of good intentions.
He’s immobilized, you’re safe, and now he’s going to think twice before trying to mess with someone else.
Having the right self defense products is about more than taking down some creep. These tools also provide you peace of mind. Imagine going out for a girls’ night without having to worry about walking to your car or getting in a taxi. Imagine not having to worry about some guy from online getting a little too fresh for your liking. Having the highest amperage stun gun on the market is more than protection; it’s empowering.

Don’t wait until you’ve been the victim of a crime to protect yourself. Take the proactive step of ordering a self defense product now and live life on your terms. Make sure you check out our pink ribbon series, where a portion of your purchase goes towards breast cancer research. You’ll protect yourself and help other ladies when they need it the most. Helping women and men defend and protect themselves. Buy from a company you can trust,