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Self Defense Products for Women and Men

Welcome to Women On Guard, your quality self defense products and home protection online retail store. We offer a large selection of top brands in different styles and colors for women, men, students, kids, runners, joggers, bikers, the elderly, walkers and real estate agents. Our self defense products are practical, affordable and ideal for work, college dorms, apartments and home security. Our Police Pepper Spray is the strongest pepper spray on the market and is certified by an independent lab. The variety of stun guns we offer are packed with power and made with the highest quality components. Check out the Police Force Stun Guns under the Stun Gun category. Here you will find the Blue Line Stun Gun. For every unit sold, a portion of the proceeds goes to a law enforcement organization. If you look in the Pink Ribbon Series category, which is under the Stun Gun category, you'll find that a portion of the proceeds of the sale of these stun guns benefits Breast Cancer Research. Non-lethal weapons are great gift ideas for anyone. Buy from a company you can trust,