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  • Taser This, Taser That: Are Stun Guns Legal in Every State?

    One of the best ways for a woman to protect herself is with a stun gun. A stun gun is a non-lethal weapon that sends a high-voltage shock to an attacker. This temporarily stalls them and lets you escape from harm's way.

    But stun gun laws surrounding ownership and use vary by each state. Before you purchase your stun gun, make sure you familiarize yourself with the laws of your state.

    First, let's look at some basic things to know about stun gun ownership.

    Owning A Stun Gun

    Some states will require a background check and you to apply for a permit before you can buy a stun gun. The process is the same as if you were to buy a firearm. Most states require you to be at least 18-years-old to purchase the stun gun. 

    There might be limits as to where you can use your stun gun or the rules surrounding carrying one in public. Finally, you have to always keep an eye out for Red Flag Laws

    There are some states that can implement court orders for civilians to hand over their weapons to law enforcement. You also want to see if there are restrictions in your state if you have any criminal record.

    As you'll see, most U.S. states make it easy for civilians to buy and use stun guns. The only states where ownership and use are entirely banned are Rhode Island and Hawaii.

    Fewest Stun Gun Laws

    These are the states that have the freest laws for possession and ownership of a stun gun. 

    The following states don't require a background check or applying for a permit. The stun guns can be freely used by both civilians and security guards. There are no laws for carrying your stun gun in a public area. 

    Other than a possible ID verification, there won't be other requirements to buy the stun gun in these states. 

    The states are Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, and Wyoming.

    Arizona has no restrictions for ownership/use and doesn't require permits or a background check. In this state, however, you need to verify your age with a government ID. 

    Arkansas also doesn't require a background check or permit. Both civilians and security guards can buy a stun gun without issue. You do have to be at least 19-years-old to buy a stun gun in this state.

    Some Strict Stun Gun Laws

    These states have a few requirements before you can buy a stun gun.

    Delaware allows buying a stun gun without needing to get a background check or permit. This is for both civilians and security guards. However, a permit is required for conceal carry.

    Mississippi has no restrictions on ownership and use. However, you do have to apply for a permit to buy a stun gun. You want to speak to your local police station on how to buy one.

    New Mexicoallows both civilians and security guards to purchase stun guns. Neither has to get a background check or permit. However, a permit is required for conceal carry. The exception is if the stun gun is concealed in the owner's car or on his/her premises.

    North Carolina has no restrictions on ownership or any requirements for permits. Background checks are also not needed. However, conceal carry is entirely prohibited outside of one's own premises. 

    North Dakota residents can buy a stun gun without needing a background check or permit. They are permitted for both civilians and security guards. Conceal carry is not required for a stun gun made by StrikeLight. All other stun guns require a conceal carry permit.

    Tennessee only requires a permit for security guards who wish to buy a stun gun. Civilians don't require permits or background checks for ownership.

    West Virginia only requires a permit for conceal carry unless on one's premises. There are no other restrictions for civilian or security guard ownership. No background checks needed.

    Strictest Stun Gun Laws

    These states have the strictest requirements for buying and using a stun gun.

    In these states, there is always a possibility of more restrictive laws/regulations getting implemented in the future.

    Connecticut only allows a stun gun to be used within one's home. They are for civilian use only and there's no need for a permit or background check.

    Illinois allows ownership and use by both civilians and security guards. However, both need to get a permit and background check. One is also required to get a FOID. Only after getting the FOID can you buy a stun gun and it must be on your person whenever you carry the stun gun.

    Iowa requires security guards to apply for a professional permit before buying a stun gun. Civilians must also get a permit to buy one. A background check is always required.

    Maryland requires everyone to get a background check before buying a stun gun.

    Massachusetts doesn't require background checks, however, a firearms license is required for civilian ownership. Both civilians and security guards have to show proof of State ID and a state-issued Basic Firearms Safety Course certificate.

    Michigan requires everyone to verify their identity as well as have a Conceal Carry Weapons permit (CCW). Background checks aren't required.

    Minnesota requires you to verify your age with a government ID (19 years). Background checks are required for everyone.

    New York doesn't have any state laws requiring permits or background checks. However, each county might have specific laws or regulations. As such, New Yorkers are expected to study these laws before buying a stun gun. These laws are subject to change more frequently.

    Wisconsinrequires everyone to have a CCW permit. Otherwise, you have to prove that you will only use it on your own premises. No background checks required.

    Buy Your Stun Gun

    Now that you know the stun gun laws across the states, you can do what's required to buy your stun gun. Make sure you train yourself to use it responsibly. Please share this guide with other women who wish to be on guard!

    If you want a great stun gun, we've got one in store for you! Check out our selection of stun guns!

  • How A Stun Gun Can Possibly Scare Away An Attacker and Save Your Life

    'The world is a dangerous place to live: Not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." said Albert Einstein.

    Not a truer word has been spoken! This world is a dangerous place, crime rate is on the increase with women being the most victimized. You must protect yourself!

    Self-defense has become a must, specifically for women. It is, of course, always best to try and avoid potentially dangerous situations. But sometimes it is unavoidable. For example, if you find yourself working late one evening and have to walk across a poorly lit parking lot to get to your car,  you need to be ready and prepared. This is where a stun gun provides you with the safety you need.  

    So, why a stun gun? Well, there are many.  Learn how a stun gun for your personal use will provide you with valuable self-defense safety. 

    A Stun Gun Explained

    One advantage of a stun gun is its size and weight.  It can easily fit in your hand or handbag, sight unseen, thus giving the element of surprise in the event of an assault or attack. 

    Stun guns deliver electroshock when in contact with any part of the body of an attacker. To be effective, they need direct contact with the body. You need to hold the stun gun against the body of the attacker for about 3 to 5 seconds. This depends on the voltage of the stun gun, of course. You will not be electrocuted by using a stun gun on your attacker.

    The electroshock delivered is strong enough to immobilize an attacker. They overwork the muscles thus depleting the body's sugar level. The stun gun due to its non-lethal nature does not cause severe injury.

    This gives you the time to hightail it out of there!

    Advantages of Carrying a Stun Gun

    There are many ways a stun gun can save your life. See below some of the advantages of carrying a stun gun for your safety.

    Lightweight, Easy to Use, and Stylish

    Stun guns are much easier to carry than the heavier traditional weapons like guns and even some knives. They also weigh a lot less.

    You do not want to advertise to the world of criminals that you are armed. So, carrying a stun gun that fits into the palm of your hand or can easily slip into your handbag or glove compartment, is a definitive advantage.

    Today stun guns come in many sizes and varieties, and some are, disguised as cellphones, flashlights, or make-up compacts. The options are endless.

    This makes for a perfect everyday weapon to carry with you which is easily accessible and easy to use in self-defense situations. It is not rocket science!

    Legalities and Costs of Owning a Stun Gun

    The most obvious advantage of owning a stun gun is the legalities involved. With that said, stun guns are not legal in every state in the US. Check that you are legally allowed to carry a stun gun in your state before purchasing one. When traveling across state lines don't forget the state laws of the state you are entering or passing through.

    When comparing the cost of a stun gun as opposed to a firearm, the stun gun comes out top. With a firearm, you have to factor in ammo and training fees.  Also, the cost of the necessary licenses. None of this for a stun gun!

    You have to make a conscious emotional decision to carry a gun. Guns kill! A stun gun merely stuns and at the most injures an attacker.  

    The stun gun requires minimal training. Other weapons require that you take hours of training before you are ready to use them in your self-defense.

    This is where the stun gun is in a league of its own!

    Family Safety and Personal Choice

    Most people, particularly women, are uncomfortable with the carrying of lethal weapons.
    Reality being what it is, in these times, you do need to carry some form of weapon to defend yourself. It does not necessarily have to be a lethal weapon.

    Stun guns fall into the 'weapon for everyone' category.  This defense weapon is ideal for men and women alike, even teenagers from 18 years of age.  So it is a safe but extremely effective way of defending yourself. 

    Security and protection of your family is a priority for all of us. God forbid a child were to get hold of your firearm, for any reason! At least with a stun gun, there would be less likelihood of grave injuries.

    A stun gun gives you peace of mind that you are not causing the death or permanent injury to anyone. Yet, you are capable of saving your life.

    The best thing, however, is that they can be concealed, thereby giving your attacker no idea that you can defend yourself.

    Get Your Stun Gun Now

    We all know that firearms are the most reliable method of self-defense.  Thus said, they are cumbersome and cannot be carried everywhere.  Also, some of us are afraid to handle and carry these firearms. 

    Need safe protection? A stun gun is definitely an effective alternative. Or, if you already do carry a firearm, you may want a stun gun as a backup weapon. Having both is also advantageous. 

    In any case, make sure you prepare yourself for the inevitable. Make sure you choose one that suits your needs.  

    Browse our web page for more self-defense items and stun-gun options! 

  • The Best Products for Women's Defense

    In America, someone is the victim of a sexual assault every 73 seconds. There's an uncertain world outside your door, and you want to make sure that you can protect yourself. Thankfully, women's defense is easier than ever.

    There is a large market of products made especially for women's self-defense. If you're working late into the night or live in an unsafe part of town, there are many ways to arm yourself besides buying a gun.

    From stealthy knives to key chains that pack a punch, you can protect yourself against would-be attackers with just a few smart purchases.

    The Key to Women's Defense: Be Prepared

    As a woman living in this world, you need to be able to defend yourself in several ways. Make sure that you have a variety of defense products: some for close-range combat, some for longer range defense, and even protection from your home!

    Defending yourself is more than just buying pepper spray. It's training yourself to think in new ways, opening your mind to your inner strength. The products we recommend will change your lifestyle.

    Before purchasing, determine what sort of products will best fit your lifestyle. If you're often walking around at night, a defensive product like a stun gun or kubotan would be most useful. If you're living on a college campus or in a big city, you may need no more than a key chain alarm.

    Arm Yourself With These Self Defense Products

    These ten products are essential for women looking to defend themselves. Some are familiar staples, while others are innovative new products. Either way, this master list will help you decide which personal safety items will best fit you lifestyle.

    1. Pepper Spray

    This is probably your first thought when you're looking into defense products. Pepper spray is convenient, efficient, and powerful. Add that it's completely legal in most places and you're good to go.

    Pepper spray is one of the most popular options for women's defense for a few reasons. It has a long range so you can defend yourself from a distance. It's also incredibly potent: even a "mild" pepper spray will stop your assailant in their tracks.

    2. Flashlight Stun Gun

    This multi-tool comes in handy in more ways than one. The flashlight is fully functional, keeping you safe in dark spaces.

    Then, of course, it's also a stun gun. This will allow you to shock your assailant with minimal effort, giving you time to run or fight back. If all else fails, a flashlight stun gun is also a hefty weight: you can use it as a blunt weapon in worst-case scenarios.

    3. Comb Knife

    It looks like a comb, but it's really a disguised dagger knife. These clever devices are great if you travel often and need to be able to defend yourself at a moment's notice. Intended for close-range combat, these hefty knives will deter any potential attacks.

    Plus, hey, they're still great for your hair. Curly Girl method-approved!

    4. Key Chain Alarm

    Key chain alarms are great for if you live in a densely populated area. These small alarms are activated at the push of a button, and emit an incredibly loud high-pitched tone. If you're being attacked, chased, or intimidated, these alarms will draw attention to you.

    Key chain alarms are best used in conjunction with another self-defense product. Some attackers may run away if they realize you're not going down without a loud fight. Others will still persist, so protect yourself multiple ways.

    5. Kubotan

    These deceptively simple key chain weapons originated from a Martial Arts master. When working with the Los Angeles police department, Takayuki Kubota developed this short baton to aid in self-defense.

    The Kubotan is meant to put weight behind a punch and be used as a blunt weapon. Hold it ice pick style or in a forward grip to maximize the kubotan's potential.

    6. Pen Knife

    Similar to the comb knife, the pen knife is a knife disguised as a pen. These knives are subtle and small, easy to hide in a purse or pocket. You can even find pen knives that actually write!

    If you want to be able to keep a weapon on your person at all times, a pen knife is your best bet. It will be easily reachable and quick to draw. Your assailant will never expect it!

    7. Disguised Stun Gun

    You can find all sorts of disguised stun guns, from lipstick lookalikes to cell phones. These devices are great to keep nearby without alerting anyone that you're armed. Keep would-be attackers on their toes!

    Smaller stun guns will still pack a big punch. Just make sure you aim it towards exposed flesh for maximum shock.

    8. TASER Device

    If you think a stun gun might not be enough for you, consider investing in a Taser. Since stun guns require direct contact with the skin, they're only suitable for close-range defense. Tasers, however, can be used from up to fifteen feet away.

    Tasers render your victim incapacitated, so use them sparingly. But they're a near-certain line of defense for a reasonable price.

    9. Brutus Key Chain

    The Brutus key chain is a newcomer on the women's defense market, but it's already making waves. This deceptively cute key chain looks decorative at first, but its finger holes and sharp "ears" enhance your punch.

    These key chains are best for close combat. They allow you to get one good, incapacitating punch in before running away. Aim for the eyes!

    10. Steel Batons

    Classic, simple, and effective. Telescoping steel batons will allow you to beat off any would-be attacker. They're bulky, but are a powerful visual deterrent.

    Simply brandishing a steel baton could be enough to discourage your assailant. If you know how to wield the blunt weapon, you'll come out on top of any scuffle you get into.

    Never Be Caught off-Guard Again

    We hope you found this list of women's defense products informative. There are more options than ever before when it comes to protecting yourself; sometimes all the options can be overwhelming.

    If you're looking for a trusted provider of self-defense items and home security, check us out at Women On Guard. At Women On Guard, we bring you top-quality self-defense products that are guaranteed to keep you safe. Check out our catalog today!

  • How to Find the Best Stun Gun on the Market

    Everyone has the right to feel safe, and they should have this anywhere and everywhere they choose to go. However, it is not the reality, and as a woman, you need to be protected. You can do that by joining the thousands of women choosing to carry a stun gun. 

    Stun guns are hidden, no lethal means of self-defense that are inexpensive and could save your life. Below, we discuss the best stun gun on the market for every need and why you have to get protected. 

    What Is the Difference Between a Stun Gun and a Taser?

    A stun gun is a small weapon that is primarily used for self-defense. It is nonlethal and incapacitates an attacker by delivering a high voltage charge to them. This is done when the defender puts the stun gun into contact with the attacker's body. 

    A taser is different, in that it fires a dart that has a small cable attached. Once the dart embeds in a person's skin, the person firing can choose when to use the electric shock. It can be done from a distance, 15 feet, which is not an option with a stun gun.

    Why Do I Need One?

    You may not need one if you feel that you live in a safe area with a zero crime rate. But for anyone else who wants to feel safe and protected, a stun gun is a great option. It is non-lethal, unlike a handgun, and is smaller, lighter, and costs less. 

    Stun gun laws vary by state. In some places, they are legal, in others they are not. If you find yourself in a state where they are banned, then consider pepper spray as an alternative. 

    Best Stun Gun on the Market

    Before you look at which stun gun is best for you, you need to consider a few factors. The first of these is the Aamps then the voltage at which the gun operates. You will need a stun-gun that operates with at least one million volts worth of shock for it to be effective. 

    The second is the size of the stun gun. You need a weapon that is easy to carry and conceal. Smaller models are easier to carry, and you can even get some stun guns disguised as other items for concealment. 

    Thirdly, check the ease of use. Many stun guns will have safety mechanisms to prevent accidental usage, which are highly recommended. However, you need to weigh this up against the practical implications of being able to use the weapon quickly in an emergency.

    Finally, check its power source. Replaceable batteries are fine, but built-in rechargeable batteries will typically deliver higher voltage shocks. 

    Best Concealed Stun Gun

    The Smart Cell Phone FRiPHONE and the Lipstick Stun Gun are probably two of the best-concealed stun guns available. It looks identical to the famous branded Apple mobile but packs a whopping 14 million volt shock to anyone who comes close. The stun guns also has a wicked crackle when the voltage is pressed, intimidating any would-be assailant. 

    They have an extremely slim and light design, making it easy to conceal and carry. In addition, they also have a handy LED flashlight. However, the FriPhone's greatest added feature is the piercing alarm system that is guaranteed to send anyone running for the hills. 

    Strongest Stun Gun

    The Jolt 86 Million Volts stun gun is one of the best stun guns for self-defense. After a hit so powerful, no one will be in any position to come at you, giving you ample time to act. 

    The stun gun is so powerful due to its triple pin technology. Whereas most stun guns only have two points of contact, this three-pronged approach allows a bigger delivery and a louder crackle. If the noise does not send them running, then the power will certainly knock them out. 

    Best Cosmetic Disguise

    There are a number of stun guns that disguise themselves as cosmetics, such as lipstick and perfume. However, lipstick uns tend to deliver a lower voltage, so we recommend the Streetwise Perfume Protector with its 17 million volt stun.

    The device looks like a normal perfume spray. It is small and lightweight, so can fit into a pocket or bag easily. It is rechargeable and comes with a handy LED light, strong enough to blind an attacker while you make a quick getaway.

    Safest Stun Gun

    One of the safest stun guns is the Safety Technology Trigger, which comes in a range of colors and patterns. It has a specially designed trigger that makes it easy to operate, along with a wrist strap disable pin for extra safety. It also has a durable rubberized coating allowing you to have a tight grip on the weapon at all times.

    Due to the wrist strap safety feature, if an attacker takes the weapon from you it will render it useless. This works by attaching the strap to your wrist. Once the unit leaves your hand, a pin is pulled, that stops the device from being used once more. 

    Best Stun Gun Flashlight 

    For a stun gun that disguises itself as a flashlight, we recommend the Jolt Police Tactical Stun Flashlight. Not only does it look like a simple torch, but it also has a huge 95 million volts that are perfect for bringing down any assailant. It is excellent for keeping in outhouses or garages as protection from any would-be burglars. 

    The flashlight itself is actually very powerful, allowing for 200 - 250+ lumens. Thus, it can be used as a double feature, to disorientate attackers and shock them. 

    Purchasing a Stun Gun

    Now you have read about the best stun gun on the market, you just need to decide which weapon bests suits your lifestyle and budget. Remember to check the legalities in your area or state regarding the carrying of stun guns and concealed weapons. 

    We have a whole range of stun guns and personal defense weapons available on our website. Come and browse our stock, or contact us for more help and advice so we can begin protecting you starting today!

  • Burglary Prevention: How to Protect Your Home Against Break-Ins

    Did you know there are over 1.4 million burglaries a year? With so many break-ins, your home could be next. Take the necessary steps to solidify your burglary prevention.

    When you protect your home, it's more than protecting the property. You are protecting your family and peace of mind. 

    Check out this guide and keep your family and property safe from people with bad intentions.

    Door and Window Locks

    When's the last time you checked the integrity of your door and window locks? Did you change the locks of the home when you moved in?

    It's possible that the previous owners kept the spare set of keys. While we want to assume the best about people, there's a chance they sold or gave the keys away to someone. 

    If you move into a new home or apartment, consider changing locks immediately. You can also test the strength and durability of your locks. 

    First, lock your door from the outside. After it latches, pull on the handle with about 75% of your strength. You're looking to see if the door handle or lock is slipping or weak. 

    Then, lock your door while you're inside and redo the same experiment. Look at the door frame and handle. If there's considerable movement or bulging on the frame, you may need new locks (or a new door).

    A lot of burglars sneak their way into a home by opening an unsecured window. Do all windows in your home have locks? If they do, can the locks be easily tampered with from the outside?

    Ask a security professional about possible alarms for securing windows.

    Eliminate Hiding Spots

    Burglars determined to enter your home may use the property against itself. They seek dark or hidden areas to conceal their body from those inside or outside.

    If you have lots of bushes and shrubbery surrounding your home, a burglar will use it to hide and wait. Spend the time to relocate the bushes and trees away from your home.

    In its place, install automatic bright lights. Motion-activated lights deter and discourage would-be burglars. Don't forget to point the lights away from the house so you're not woken up every time a cat or raccoon gets near your property.

    You don't have to get rid of all bushes and trees near your home. Just trim and cut the bushes thin and low. Tree branches under six feet can be completely cut off.

    Hostile architecture helps keep burglars at bay. Sloped window sills someone can't grip from the outside, jagged large rocks around windows, and pointed ledges are examples of engineering to prevent criminal activity and eliminate hiding spots.

    Hide Valuables

    Hiding valuables is a proactive approach to avoid becoming a victim. Before you leave the house, think about what items are visible from the windows.

    Ask a friend to come over and see what they spot peering into your home. Can they see your television, laptops, or home defense weapons? 

    Store valuable items out of sight, pull the curtains, and close doors. The less a stranger can see the better. 

    How are you throwing away your trash? If someone can drive by your home and see boxes for TVs, expensive jewelry, and power tools by the trash, they are going to know you have items worth stealing.

    Do your best to collapse boxes, shred paperwork, and leave little trace of your purchases in the trash. The simplest and safest method is to put the trash out right before the collector comes.

    Sometimes, the perpetrator is someone you know. Someone who is familiar with your home poses the biggest threat. When you go on vacation, lock your valuables up in a strong safe or vault.


    Wouldn't it be great to catch criminals looking to break into your home? Set up exterior and interior cameras so you can give the police the evidence they need to close a case.

    Install a doorbell camera for an extra layer of protection. Prevent the theft of boxes, screen door-to-door salespeople, and secure your property. Most doorbell cameras connect directly to a smartphone.

    You can be visiting a friend in another state and get an alert that someone is at the front door. Some doorbell cameras have two-way speakers that let you communicate with someone at the front door.

    Just a camera being present is enough to scare some people from trying to walk on your property.

    Burglary Prevention and Weapons

    It's always good to have knowledge and training in self-defense and weapons. While most burglars prefer to enter an empty home, you never know when you might come face-to-face with a criminal.

    In moments of heightened tension, people act irrationally and emotionally. Criminals are no exception.

    Your best option is always to run away and seek safety. But if you can't get somewhere safe, then it's time to use your defense skills. No one wants to be put in a place where they have to hurt someone else, but it's better to be prepared.

    Protecting Your Home

    Use this burglary prevention guide to take the necessary steps to avoid becoming a victim. You will keep your sanity, peace of mind, and possessions intact. 

    Go to work, go on vacation, and go to sleep knowing you're safe.

    If you're serious about security and you're ready to take the next step, contact us today for all your security and protection needs.

  • 7 Crucial Safety Tips for Women Walking Alone at Night

    Someone becomes a victim of sexual assault every 73 seconds. Women and girls experience sexual violence at especially high rates. In fact, one out of every six American women become a victim. 

    You can't remove every danger from the world. You can, however, protect yourself. 

    Here are seven crucial safety tips for women walking alone at night. With these tips, you can learn how to stay safe at night by equipping yourself with the right tools. Stay safe and learn how to fight back with these effective safety tips.

    1. Learn Self-Defense

    You never know when you might need to protect yourself. If you're prone to walking home at night, you might want to learn self-defense. The moves you learn could help you escape from a perpetrator.

    You can take a self-defense class at a local dojo, YMCA, or a women's gym. Learning even a few basic moves can help you defend yourself from an attacker. At the same time, you'll have peace of mind that you can protect yourself if need be.

    It also helps to prepare yourself for a worst-case scenario. You never know when an attacker might strike. Instead of waiting for it to happen, you can take a proactive approach and learn how to defend yourself.  

    When walking alone at night, what would you do if someone tried to grab you? Do you know how to escape?

    Only you can determine how you'll react. Learning how to defend yourself can help you escape a potentially dangerous situation.

    In addition to visiting a local gym, you can also find self-defense videos on YouTube and other online resources.

    2. Stock Up

    About 35% of women worldwide experience some form of violence. When walking home at night, one of the best ways to protect yourself is to have the right tools handy.

    Here's what to carry at night for safety purposes:

    • A whistle (or another noisemaker)
    • Pepper spray
    • A Swiss Army knife

    If someone strange is approaching you in the middle of the night, you can have your whistle ready to give it a nice, loud blow. A potential attacker will run off instead of attracting unwanted attention.

    You might feel more comfortable with a bottle of pepper spray. 

    If you plan on carrying a bottle of pepper spray with you, make sure to learn how to use it before an emergency. Otherwise, you might actually hurt yourself when using it for the very first time. 

    Would you feel more comfortable having a stun gun in hand? A stun gun can temporarily disable your attacker with a non-lethal shock. You can choose from different colors, shapes, and sizes to find the stun gun that best suits your needs.

    3. Dress for Success

    Your pumps might look great for a night out, but they won't help when you're walking alone at night. If you want to learn how to stay safe at night, carry a pair of flats in your bag. Having a pair of comfortable shoes can make all the difference when you need to walk home at night.

    If it's snowing or the sidewalks are iced over, you won't want to slip. Instead, comfortable shoes can help you run if necessary.

    You might want to dress, comfortably, too. It's more difficult to fight to defend yourself if you're wearing a tight skirt or high heels. Meanwhile, long necklaces and scarves are easier for someone to grab.

    If you're walking alone at night, consider keeping a change of clothes in your bag before you go. 

    4. Remain Observant

    Staying safe as a woman is easier when you're aware of your surroundings. The next time you walk home alone, keep your eyes and ears open.

    Keep track of who and what is around you during your walk home. Avoid wearing a pair of headphones. Listening to loud music might make you easier prey.

    If you don't feel safe, call someone. Let them know you're walking home and where you are.

    If someone approaches you, don't lower your gaze. Instead, maintain eye contact. Looking a potential enemy straight in the face might scare off your attacker.

    In fact, you could make them worry that you'll identify them if you call the police.

    5. Adjust Your Route

    Walking alone at night by using the same route can make you an easy target. Instead, try to plan a few different routes home. You might want to mark various safe zones you can run to and call for help. 

    Make sure to avoid any area where someone can hide in waiting. These areas can include dark alleys, parked cars, and unlit corners.

    It helps to remain suspicious of the people in dark areas around you. Keep your guard up when learning how to stay safe at night.

    Your suspicion could save your life. 

    Otherwise, remain in visible areas as you head home.

    Are you worried about walking from your car to your home or apartment? Make sure your path is clear and well-lit.

    6. Trust Your Instincts

    Do you ever get the feeling that someone is watching you? When walking home, trust your instincts. Turn around if you think someone is lurking behind you.

    Let that person know you're aware of their presence.

    Don't rush to your car or home. Instead, head into an area that's public and crowded. For example, you can head into a nearby restaurant or store.

    If that person is still following you, inform a store employee or manager.

    7. Keep Your Hands Free

    The next time you're walking home, try to keep your hands empty. Struggling with heavy bags can make it more difficult for you to defend yourself. Heavy bags can also slow down your response time.

    If you have to carry anything, make sure it's your stun gun, keys, or pepper spray.

    Stay Safe: 7 Tips for Women Walking Alone at Night

    Staying safe as a woman is a lot easier when you're prepared. Make sure to use these tips when walking alone at night. Learning how to stay safe can make all the difference during your commute. 

    Want to learn how to use your new stun gun, taser, or pepper spray? Explore our self-defense product videos today!

  • 9 Key Benefits of Buying a Lipstick Stun Gun for Self Defense

    Self-defense is something that shouldn't be taken lightly. Although violent crime has decreased in the last two decades overall, there's been an uptick in the last few years.

    In the United States for the year 2018, violent crimes were at a rate of 368.9 per 100,000 people.

    Women must be careful when they're out, especially at night and alone. However, there are tools you can use to help protect yourself against violent crimes like a lipstick stun gun.

    Keep reading to learn about the benefits of buying a lipstick stun gun.

    Do They Work?


    Lipstick stun guns can knock a person to the ground for anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes. They're able to produce a minimum of three million volts. That's plenty of voltage to take out even bigger-sized attackers.

    When a person gets close to you or has grabbed you, you need to move your lipstick stun gun against them and press the trigger.

    This will send shockwaves through the attacker's body and shock their nervous system which should knock them to the ground. The shock also attacks the brain and doesn't allow it to receive new signals which make it freeze.

    Quick Tips to Remember

    If you've never used a lipstick stun gun before, you'll need to remember some tips.

    • Hold against the attacker for 3-5 seconds
    • Aim for the underarm, belly, groin, neck, or shoulder
    • Find an area of skin without fabric if you can
    • Talk to an experienced friend or safety professional
    • Avoid situations where you may have to use it at all costs

    Make sure to charge the battery as well.

    Benefits of Lipstick Stun Guns

    Lipstick stun guns look like you might expect — a tube of lipstick. They're concealable and easy to carry in your bag or pocket.

    Here are some other benefits of lipstick stun guns.

    1. Stealth Safety

    Lipstick stun guns can provide you with safety while being concealed in an everyday object. Simply carry it in your purse or pocket as you would an ordinary tube of lipstick. 

    You can also carry it at your side while walking to your car late at night or if you're out in the neighborhood taking a stroll.

    2. No Aim Needed

    One of the advantages you get when buying a lipstick stun gun is that you don't need a good aim.

    You just need to be able to get close enough to your attacker and press it against their body before you pull the trigger. You only need to make sure you can apply a bit of pressure to the skin. 

    3. It Won't Do Permanent Damage

    The lipstick stun gun will only incapacitate the attacker for a short time.

    Once they wake up, they'll regain their motor skills shortly after. They may feel woozy for a bit but these symptoms go away fairly quickly.

    You may be wondering if it has enough power to keep the attacker subdued while you to escape the situation. If you administer the stun gun properly, you'll have plenty of time to flee the scene and get to safety. 

    4. You Don't Need a License

    When buying a stun gun, you don't need to obtain any sort of license or certificate to carry it. You can simply order them online or find one at a local spy shop, or perhaps an Army surplus shop. 

    Forget having to fill out a bunch of paperwork, jump through hoops, and undergo a waiting period to get your lipstick stun gun; you can get access to it and feel protected right away.

    5. The Entire Family Can Feel Safe

    One thing you can do to ensure a safer household is having many lipstick stun guns around the house. However, they should not be left out or confused with regular lipstick cases. Avoid leaving them around places where children can access.

    You can strategically place them around the house so that if an intruder enters, you have quick access to the stun gun.

    Just remember to do this responsibly and keep your family's safety at the top of the list while doing so.

    6. A Flashlight

    When you're in the process of buying a stun gun, keep in mind that some of them come equipped with a flashlight.

    Not only can you use this to help you see your attacker in the dark (which is when most attacks happen) you can use it to help find your keys at night.

    Or, perhaps you dropped something on the ground in the dark, the flashlight is there to save the day. 

    7. Rechargeable

    Lipstick stun guns are rechargeable. You don't have to worry about not having a spare battery when you carry a lipstick stun gun.

    Plus, when you're out at a party or somewhere you can simply plug it in before you leave to ensure it won't fail you if needed. The rechargeable battery is built-in and isn't bulky or heavy. 

    8. A Variety of Color Options

    If you're a woman of style, you'll probably want to accessorize your lipstick stun gun to a certain extent. Sure, it's not meant as a fashion item but you might as well give a little flair and have some fun with it. 

    If you're really into color coordinating, you can purchase several of them in different colors if you wish. 

    You can also use your stun gun in any type of weather. Pepper spray, for instance, isn't always reliable in windy or stormy weather conditions. Your lipstick stun gun will do the trick in those cases. 

    9. Affordable Protection

    When you're buying a lipstick stun gun, you don't have to worry about spending too much. They're often more affordable than other types of protection. You can get these for under $30 on the higher end and under $20 on the lower end.

    You've Got a Lipstick Stun Gun, Now What?

    So, you've decided to get a lipstick stun gun and might need a little guidance. The first thing you should do is read up a little more about them and how to use them. Check the manufacturer's instructions and the website where you bought it for more tips.

    Contact us if you have questions about our products or need more information.

  • Hijack the Nervous System: How a Stun Gun Affects the Body

    Stun Gun sends a series of electrical shocks to the body of a victim.  

    Unlike a taser gun, it doesn’t fire electric probes at distance. A person wielding the gun needs to make physical contact with the target. Under that condition, the stun gun can quickly immobilize anyone who’s on the receiving end.

    This property made stun guns the weapon of choice for law enforcement officers around the globe. Women also carry them around for personal protection and self-defense.

    But, many people don’t know exactly how these devices work. There are some shocking facts behind the stun gun effects on the human body and mind.  

    So, let’s examine the science behind how this weapon delivers its stunning electric punch.

    Stun Guns 1:1

    Stun gun falls into the category of electrical control devices (ECDs).

    It’s a handheld, battery-powered weapon that has a simple mechanism at its core. When triggered, it presses two electrodes against the body and shoots an electric pulse. This pulse powers through our skin, soft tissues, and clothes, abducting our brain and body.

    The first victim to fall to this intrusion is the nervous system.

    Our nerve cells harness small quantities of electricity on a regular basis. They depend on this power source to transmit information to and from your brain.

    However, our body is capable of generating electric signals of only 100 millivolts. This reminds us that in small dosages, electricity is completely harmless. The stun gun is effective because it possesses a much higher voltage, which ensures the pulse does its nasty work.

    At the same time, these guns have very low amperage— just 3 milliamps. This feature prevents them from doing any lasting damage to the body. This is to say the electrical surge carries a lot of pressure but little in a way of sheer intensity.

    Stun Gun Effects: The Mind Going Haywire

    Nevertheless, the flood of high voltage turns out to be too much for our brain to handle.

    Besieged from all sides, it loses its ability to process new information. Even if it manages to receive some signals, it has a hard time storing them in memory. But, how does the pulse overwhelm the nervous system exactly?

    Well, the pulse coalesces with the information traveling via signal pathways. Think of it as trying to hear a beautiful song you regularly dance to while surrounded by a deafening noise. Since you can’t hear the tones, you find it very difficult to tell your body to move to them.

    In other words, the whole communication network is severely disrupted and has to deal with confusing signals. Our neurotransmitters, the chemicals in charge of communication, can’t go about their regular duty.

    Quite fascinating, isn’t it?

    The Giving Up of Muscles

    When the nervous system is in overload mode, the effects spread throughout the body.

    On impact, the victim feels a sting of pain and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Underneath, neurotransmitters can only do one thing— tell muscles to contract. Most often, the end result is complete or partial paralysis.

    In other cases, victims feel confused and thrown off balance.

    There is also one other part of the picture we don’t see. The external current can mimic our body’s own electric signals. Due to the high-voltage of the current, our muscles are told to do a tremendous amount of work.

    Yet, the signal doesn’t translate as usual and fails to initiate any particular movement. Instead, this odd turmoil depletes energy reserves. The victim too weak to properly move and is effectively stunned for a while.

    The good news for the victim is that the effects are temporary.

    Normal brain function is restored after one hour, while the body recovers much faster. Low amperage can only seriously harm people who’ve been exposed to the shock for a prolonged period of time.

    A Word of Caution

    The bad news is there is a multitude of glaring exceptions.

    Stun guns can even be lethal in some cases or cause brain injury and cognitive impairment. Those with underlying medical conditions, such as heart disease, are at a higher risk.

    This brings us to the next point.

    The effectiveness of a stun gun depends on a variety of factors. The size of the person being zapped, the duration of the attack, and the model of a gun, to name a few.

    For instance, if you apply the gun for half a second, you’re not going to immobile the target. It will just be startling at worst. A pulse of two seconds, on the other hand, is enough to prompt muscle spasms.

    When exposed to the jolt for more than a few seconds, the victim becomes unbalanced and disoriented. At that point, the nervous system relinquishes control of the body.

    On the Safe Side

    Some experts claim mental factors also play a role.

    A particularly determined attacker may not be dissuaded by a stun gun so easily. He could keep on coming at you despite his body and brain begging him to lie down.

    And as we’ve indicated, you should keep in mind the size. Don’t expect a hulking ruffian to collapse after just a few seconds.

    That said if you want to get a stun gun for self-defense, be our guest. Just bear in mind the regulation varies from state to state. Most courts, including the Supreme Court, have denounced complete bans on possession.

    They deem stun guns to be under the protection of the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms. Of course, there are some permit requirements and restrictions you need to be familiar with.

    Do your homework to avoid legal hassle.

    Stun in Effect

    Stun gun effects are well-documented by modern science.

    The device produces high-voltage, low-power charges that induce involuntary muscle contractions and assault the nervous system. They exploit the fact that our body parts use low electricity signals to communicate with each other.

    Our advice is to use these devices with caution and restraint. After all, they can seriously mess up one’s brain and lead to unforeseen complications. With that in mind, it’s your right to defend yourself from any hoodlums and predators roaming around.

    Browse the rest of our stun gun section to find more tips and tricks.

  • Why You Should Consider Taking a Concealed Carry Class

    In the United States, about 1 in 5 women own a gun. The reason given by 92% of women for gun ownership is protection.

    Women are less likely to belong to a social group where most people own guns. Only 1 in 4 women say all or most of their friends also own guns. Women are also less likely to go practice shooting or hunting.

    Whether making a first gun purchase or refreshing yourself on gun usage and laws, a concealed carry class is important. Combining gun ownership with other basic personal protection measures results provides the best level of personal safety.

    Personal Safety Measures

    There are habits everyone should follow to protect their personal safety. The most obvious is to always be prepared. Put your cell phone away and be fully alert to what is going on around you.

    When walking out of a building you are a prime target. Do not walk close to bushes or other areas an attacker could hide such as dumpsters or large trucks. As you approach your vehicle let your eyes skim the area below your car to make sure no one is hiding underneath where they can grab your legs from below.

    If you are being followed, do not go to your car where the few seconds it takes to get inside and lock your door can give the attacker sufficient time to stop your safe entry. Instead walk across the street and into a populated area where you can call for help.

    Simple safety devices such as the Brutus Self Defense Keychain can provide a second line of defense. You carry the keychain with your fingers through the eyes of Brutus and his ears form pointed jabbers that can help in fighting off an attacker.

    A personal alarm comes in a variety of styles, including keychain/flashlight/alarm combination and even one that looks like a lipstick. Attackers want silence, and if they grab you over the mouth hoping to keep you quiet you can activate the alarm, potentially scaring them away.

    Advantages of a Concealed Carry Class

    Whether or not your state requires a permit to carry a concealed weapon, there are numerous benefits to taking a concealed carry class and obtaining your permit. It is the gun owner’s responsibility to know their state carry laws. You are obligated to know what the state requirements are, where you can carry, and what to do if you discharge your weapon during an attack.

    Most states require an owner to show competency with a handgun before a permit is issued. The best way to show competency is to take a training class. The concealed carry class will increase the gun owner’s knowledge of gun ownership and use.

    What to Look for in Class Curriculum

    You will find classes offered online and in the classroom. What works best for you will depend on your state’s requirements and/or your familiarity with guns. Review what the course offers to make sure you walk away with the knowledge you need to carry your gun legally and safely.

    Most gun owners want to take a class that is fast so they can carry their gun right away. This is not a safe route to take. Rushing the process increases your risk of making a mistake in gun operation or ownership laws.

    If you take a quick course that does not teach you how to load your gun and clean it after use you put yourself at risk. If you have never fired a gun, what good will it do you in an attack?

    Do you know all your state laws about carrying a gun? A class will teach you the laws of your state, and when you can and cannot use deadly force.

    You might assume that going out to a gun range and firing your weapon will automatically be part of your class, but that is not always true. The National Firearms Training Academy does not provide a live-fire component in its concealed carry course.

    Attend a class that offers the opportunity to test your gear and gun with actual shooting practice. A gun is no good if you can’t hit your target in an emergency situation. It is even worse if you miss the target and hit an innocent bystander.

    A live-fire component provides target practice and gives you the opportunity to draw your gun out of your holster or remove it from the gun trigger block. The class you select should teach the basic principles of how to care for, clean, and store your weapon. They should provide tips on how to carry your gun safely in a holster, pocket, or concealed carry purse

    Advantage of License in Unrestricted State

    Even if you live in an area that does not restrict concealed carry, a concealed carry license can be beneficial. If someone sees your gun and calls police or you are pulled over for a traffic stop, having a license makes the law enforcement encounter easier. Being able to provide the officer with a carry license shows that you have undergone the required background checks and are presumed to be a law-abiding citizen.

    Another advantage is that a license will make it easier for you to purchase additional firearms. The state’s background check that is required every time a weapon is purchased may be waived if you have already obtained a concealed carry license.

    Take Steps to Protect Yourself

    Ownership of a handgun is a personal choice and taking a concealed carry class is only one aspect of personal protection. You must take additional steps to provide all-around protection for yourself.

    If you are just getting started with personal protection, a personal security package provides a wide range of protection at an economical price. These packages are also great gifts for friends or graduating seniors heading off to college. Check our website now for all your personal safety needs.

  • Keeping Safe: Is Pepper Spray Legal in New York?

    Pepper spray is one of the most effective and powerful non-lethal forms of self-defense. But is pepper spray legal in NY? What are the regulations surrounding pepper spray and is it safe to use?

    Questions like these are extremely important and they're worth answering before you go out and purchase a canister of pepper spray yourself. So continue reading and we'll walk you through what pepper spray, how to use it, and what are its legal restrictions.

    What Is Pepper Spray?

    Pepper spray is a self-defense tool that can be used to ward off attackers. It's extremely powerful and can debilitate a person for as long as one hour. But how does it work?

    The active ingredient in pepper spray capsaicin, which comes from peppers. Capsaicin is extracted from finely ground peppers which have been mixed with ethanol. It's then mixed with water and propylene glycol. 

    The solution is then packaged into a spray can and thus gives us pepper spray. 

    How Pepper Spray Works

    When pepper spray comes into contact with mucus membranes in the mouth, nose, or eyes, it creates a significant amount of pain. The more capsaicin a person is exposed to, the more paint they will feel. 

    Once a person is sprayed, distress signals are immediately sent to the brain. The body forces the eyes to shut as it produces large amounts of mucus and tears. This is to protect against more injury and flush out the capsaicin. 

    While this is happening, the capsaicin is causing inflammation in the eyes and on the skin. It also causes spasms in the larynx and nerve endings in the throat. This makes it very difficult to talk. 

    People have compared the pain to have shards of glass shoot into your eyes. 

    What to Do if You Get Pepper Sprayed

    The most important rule when you get pepper sprayed is to not touch your face. This will only spread the capsaicin around. You're going to need a sterile solution that contains magnesium hydroxide.

    Magnesium hydroxide is able to break down the capsaicin and make it easier to rinse away. Just make sure that there's no menthol in the solution, as this can lead to more pain. 

    Is Pepper Spray Legal in NY?

    Believe it or not, pepper spray is legal in all 50 states. But it is still regulated. For someone to buy pepper spray in New York, they have to be at least 18 years old.

    The purchaser also cannot have a record of assault or felony convictions in any state. You can also only purchase pepper spray from a permitted pharmacist or a licensed firearms dealer. Before completing your purchase, you have to fill out a document that states you don't have any convictions and you're of legal age. 

    You're also only allowed to purchase two canisters of pepper spray at a time. 


    Any canisters of pepper spray that are sold in New York need to come included with directions for correct use. The instructions also need to contain information about storage and safety. Plus, it must have information regarding to first-aid. 

    Each canister needs to come with a toll-free phone number that leads you to local self-defense safety and training courses for using pepper spray. And lastly, the canister must state that it's a criminal offense to use pepper in any instance other than self-defense. 


    You're only legally allowed to carry pepper spray on you in New York if it's a pocket-size canister. A canister needs to have a clear label on it that states that the spray can only be used for self-defense. You also need to purchase pepper spray in New York if you intend to carry it in the state. 

    If you live in New York, it's illegal to have pepper spray mailed to you from anywhere outside of New York. 

    With that said, there are some exceptions to shipping pepper spray. Dog pepper spray, bear pepper spray, and personal alarms are allowed to be shipped into New York from out of state. 

    People in wildlife areas, as well as urban ones in New York, have the threat of being attacked by wild animals. By using an animal pepper spray, you can humanely and temporarily stun a wild animal and safely escape the situation.

    How to Use Pepper Spray 

    If you're faced with an attacker, you want to establish a stable standing position. Present your pepper spray with authority and try to stand around 10 feet away from the attacker. 

    Aim for the person's eyes and spray ear to ear, going across the eyes. If you miss the reverse, reverse the movement and do it again. While you spray, you want to move to the side so that you can get out of the line of the attacker. 

    Once you see the pepper spray taking effect, you can either drop the spray or take it with you as run away to safety. 

    The Importance of Knowing the Legalities of Pepper Spray

    Hopefully, after reading the above, you feel that you understand the answer to the question "is pepper spray legal in NY?" By educating yourself more about pepper spray, such as its legality and how it works, you'll be able to use it more safely and effectively. Owning a canister of pepper spray is a great way to feel more confident and protected when walking around the great state of New York.

    Are you looking to better protect yourself and your family? Contact us today and see how we can help you!

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