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Affordable Survival Knives for Women or Men's Self Defense or Outdoor Adventures!

Do you sometimes feel like you need protection, but don’t like the idea of carrying a firearm?

Firearms can be tedious to maintain and not very affordable. They need to be cleaned often, require licenses and are bulky to carry. But… knives aren’t! They are small, easy to carry, fit anywhere, don’t make a loud noise and are a snap to clean.

Using knives against attackers, especially spring assisted ones, doesn’t require much expertise… Just pull out and stab, that’s it! Most of these units have springs, that with a simple touch, are ready for your self defense. Our store has a good selection of Self Defense Knives. Some even carry extra accessories! Most of our knives at are Spring Assisted. This means that with just a touch of a button, the knife flips out and is ready to defend you!

Protect yourself without having a firearm and spending a fortune. Knives are affordable, dependable and we have a wide selection of them. They don’t need much maintenance at all, perfect for women or men! Most of the time, just simply pulling a knife out, will deter a criminal!

Plus, of course, they are great for outdoor adventures, as well.