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Have You Heard About the Pen Knives at for Only $7.29?

These units look like a pen and can also write! Plus, they can be used for self defense, because they include a concealed, 2.13" blade! Only $7.29 and perfect for college students, too!

Nobody will ever know that you are carrying a self defense unit that can also write, because they look like beautiful pens with a convenient clip. All you would have to do is separate the top from the bottom and what other's thought was a fancy pen, is really a weapon. Of course these Knives have a clip to keep it in a pocket or purse. These convenient $7.29 pens, are also perfect for self defense because they have an element of surprise, to a would be attacker! He or she will definitely stay back with any of these Pen Knives with a convenient clip that once you separate the top from the bottom, expose a 2.13" blade! The Pen Knives are also perfect for COLLEGE STUDENTS as well.

As you can see, these units are available in black and gold, all gold or all silver. Just showing the knife part, will deter attackers!