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Pen Knives for Self Defense, Also Write!

In case you didn't know, have writing pens that also include sharp knives for self defense. They are available in 3 colors.

These Pen Knives with Clips are perfect to take to college or work. You never know when some bad intentioned individual might want to steel something from you or worse... try to hurt you. The pens above have a clip, just like regular pens, but they also include a sharp knife that allows you to protect yourself from attackers. Plus, of course, they also can write, too! They are available in black, gold and silver colors and include a sharp knife that measures 2.13 inch blade... Perfect for self defense and best of all they each only cost $7.29!

Since they are disguised as pens, attackers will not think that you are really carrying a disguised knife for self defense!