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Self Defense Gifts for Her: 8 Great Ideas for the Woman in Your Life!

If the woman in your life goes a lot of places on her own, you might be worried about her safety. She likely feels the fear as well as she hears the startling statistics about the thousands of women that are assaulted each day.

Gifting self-defense weapons for women or even men to your loved one is a great way to show that you care and to give them a unique gift they will use for years to come. Continue reading this article for the list of the best self-defense weapons for women that you can give as a gift.

Must Try Self-Defense Weapons for Women

Whether you're looking for a hot sale or if you're ready to pay full price, there are some great finds in the list below.

1. Disguised Pepper Spray

Disguised pepper spray is a good gift because you get the protection element but they don't have to have an ugly pepper spray in their purse. Another reason disguised pepper spray is a good pick is in case an attacker gets and checks their purse. They may give it back if they just think it has lipstick in it but then they can use the pepper spray and run away. The element of surprise is the win on this one.

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2. SmartPhone Stun Gun

People are used to people walking around with smartphones so your loved one doesn't have to look paranoid when they're walking around with their stun gun disguised as a smartphone.

If they feel like they are being followed or someone is threatening, they can get it out and get ready to zap their attacker.

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3. Pepper Spray, Strobe Light & Alarm

If you want to make sure that your loved one is triply protected then getting them something with pepper spray, a strobe light, and a loud alarm will do the trick. This gift is small enough to carry in a purse or pocket but big enough to pack a punch if someone is attacking the person you care about.

You don't have to worry about the battery either since it has a 4-year no-charging battery life.

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4. Fuzzy Ball Personal Alarm

Get your special person a cute fuzzy ball to wear or hang on their purse or backpack. This fuzzy ball doubles as cute decor and a panic or medical alarm.

Many times an attacker will place their hands over the person's mouth so they can't scream but they won't think about the cute fuzzy ball and the woman in your life can activate the alarm and draw attention to the situation.

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5. Throwing Stars

What person doesn't want to feel like a ninja? Get your favorite person throwing stars that are cool and cute but also can keep them protected.

Don't think they need to be great at throwing these throwing stars because of the way they are designed. The blades are very sharp and as long as they get pretty close and graze the target, the blade will inflict pain and often scare off the attacker. However, practice makes for a more accurate and precise hit.

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6. Sting Rings

Sting rings are light and they aren't bulky. If someone likes to go running, this can be a great option to make sure that they stay safe. 

All it takes to activate the sting ring is one little squeeze so don't be afraid that they will freeze and not be able to use it.

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7. Butterfly Knife

If they know  their way around a knife, get them a cool butterfly knife or even show them how to best use it. Butterfly knives conceal the blade when they aren't being used so you don't have to worry about any accidental cuts.

Besides for being very functional, they also look very cool. Be sure to check the Knife Restrictions Info page on this one.

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8. Runt Stun Gun

You know women won't carry around a big stun gun so you'll be looking for something small and discreet. You also want to make sure that it still will work if someone attacks her.

Getting a Runt stun gun is a good way to give anyone a way to protect themselves by disabling their attacker but not making it obvious that they are carrying one. You can even pick one that goes along with their favorite color so it blends in with a jacket or purse.

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Personal Safety Gifts Are the Best

There are many personal safety products available for women as well as for men and giving one as a gift will allow them to feel safe as they're going about their day -- or night! Many times people find themselves leaving the office late or heading back from a movie with friends and get that creepy feeling.

Having one or more of the above self-defense weapons will allow your loved one to have peace of mind so they can continue doing what they want and need to do without worrying about what might be around the next corner.

You can even buy several and give them to all of the women or men in your life for their birthdays, Christmas or even Mother's or Father's Day. Peace of mind and safety is always a great gift no matter what the holiday is -- or isn't.

Get a Gift They Will Love

Now that you know about these self-defense weapons, choose one, two or even more, that you know your loved one is going to love. You can even take it a step further and get home safety equipment so you feel safe at home as well as when you are out and about.