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Defend Yourself: 7 Reasons Everyone Should Take a Self-Defense Class

You've worked late but it's finally time to go home. By this time the parking lot is vacant and there isn't a person in sight. You're just trying to make it to your car while your mind is thinking about a warm dinner and going to bed.

Then someone grabs you from behind! What are you going to do?

Have you ever considered taking a self-defense class? You may have thought about it a few times and maybe backed out. But what if one day this scenario happens to you?

You don't want to take any chances when you need to defend yourself. 

Self-defense is a way for you to protect your health and well-being from harm. These classes are becoming more and more popular in today's society for men and women.

Keep reading for seven important reasons why you should take a self-defense class right away and get serious about your safety.

1. Help You Stay Safe

The most obvious reason to take a self-defense class is that it will help you stay safe. But if this is obvious, then why haven't you done it yet?

Taking a self-defense class will help to build your skills in keeping you and others safe. A bad situation that you may find yourself in will be highly stressful and you may not be thinking correctly. With self-defense skills, you won't even have to think at all and these movements will become natural to you. 

You will also start to feel less anxious and nervous about walking alone in public. Learning self-defense can also help you spot possible threats and avoid a bad situation from happening in the first place.

2. New Levels of Physical Fitness

There are many different types of self-defense classes with most of them being based around martial arts such as krav maga, jiujitsu, tae kwon do, or karate. Many people also use a kickboxing style to train you in self-defense. Regardless of which method you choose, you will definitely be getting a workout when you work on improving your skills. 

Training in self-defense is a great way to keep your body physically and mentally healthy. By taking these classes you can tone and strengthen your muscles but also lose weight. Partaking in physical exercises, such as self-defense, will put you in a better mood and help you sleep better at night. 

3. Reduces Stress in Many Ways

Self-defense classes are a great way to keep your stress under control. This is because physical activities help you to be less stressed in general. But these classes can also help you to manage your anxiety in high-stress situations. 

Besides keeping your stress under control with exercise, you will also feel less stressed in dangerous situations. Self-defense classes will teach you how to handle yourself so the answer becomes obvious to you. You will also feel calmer in possibly bad situations by developing better situation awareness

4. Gain More Self-Confidence

Confidence isn't the only thing you're going to gain when learning to defend yourself but it does play a major role in why you should look into taking these classes. You may unlock feelings of confidence that you had all along but just needed a little push. 

Just knowing that you can defend yourself and loved ones in any situation and at any time of the day should bring you a lot of self-worth. It is very rare for a person to know how to defend themselves in dangerous situations so you should be proud that you've taken the time and initiative to do so. 

Knowing how to defend yourself gives you the freedom to explore the world in any way possible. Right now you may be limiting yourself and not even realizing it. Taking a self-defense class will unlock many doors to the world that you did not even know existed. 

5. Learn Self-Discipline

Self-discipline might be something you find difficult when it comes to many aspects of your life. But if you want to learn more self-discipline, then taking a self-defense course is the right move for you. 

When taking a self-defense class you need to be motivated and dedicated to the practice. You will also need to make sure to show up to each and every class. These few examples are great ways to teach yourself self-discipline while also learning to defend yourself in any situation. 

Self-defense requires a lot of practice to master. You will need to show self-discipline skills when it comes to mastering defending yourself. This will also help to improve other areas in your life that you need discipline in such as your career.  

6. Become a Leader

Before you even realize it, self-defense classes will be bringing out the leader in you. This skill can be learned with dedication and practice. Not everyone is born a leader, but with what you learn from self-defense classes, you will be a leader in no time. 

On your first day of class, you will learn values like respect, discipline, goal-setting and working hard. In a self-defense class, you will also learn how to accept failure if need be. These are important skills that a leader must possess.  

7. Respect Yourself and Others

The final reason why you should start taking self-defense classes today is that you will learn how to respect yourself and others. Some people become busy and too caught up in their own lives to respect the other people around them. With a self-defense class, you can learn a great value in why you should always respect others. 

As we've talked about, self-defense will teach you many great skills you need to know that isn't just physical. All of these skills lead to treating yourself and others with the respect that they deserve. 

You Should Defend Yourself

Learning to defend yourself will not only teach you the best physical ways to defend yourself but will also help to teach you valuable life skills. In turn, learning self-defense and everything that goes along with it can bring immense satisfaction and happiness to your life. 

Now that you've read the seven reasons on why you should take a self-defense class, check out Women On Guard for more information as well as products you can purchase that will help you with self-defense.