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Zap! 9 Ways a Taser Can Keep You Safe as a Woman

Over 50% of American women report that they've suffered from physical violence at some point in their life. That's a high number made even higher once you think of all the violence gone unreported over the years.

That's why it's so important for women to learn how to keep themselves safe. While learning self-defense moves is a good start, sometimes we need something more threatening. Something with flexibility in the way it aids you.

Tasers are such a tool. There are many different ways a taser can keep you safe. Sometimes all it takes is pulling out a taser in order to turn a dangerous situation around.

Keep reading to learn more about how these self-defense tools become a great asset in your day-to-day life.

1. Stopping an Incoming Attack

Tasers are best used for those moments where you feel as though you have no other choice. It's a type of weapon and shouldn't be used lightly. Sometimes, however, it's the best defense when nothing else works.

If someone threatens you and you're afraid for your life, pull this out right away. Shoot the attacker with the taser to stop them from coming any closer to you. Then, get away from the area and call the local authorities.

Tasers are a great asset for self-defense because you're able to stop the offender from several feet away. There's no reason to let someone get any closer to you when you're able to stop them without putting yourself in any more danger.

2. Close Range Stun

If you happen to miss while trying to stop an attacker, don't panic. Tasers function as a close-range stun gun as well.

Make solid contact with the end of your taser against the attacker's body. You'll need to maintain that contact for several seconds to get the best effect.

You should always practice using your taser so that you're ready whenever the worst should happen. Accidents still happen, even more so during a panicked moment. Remember that the taser is multifunctional and you'll have a good backup plan to help keep you safe.

3. Warding Off Potential Attacks

Tasers are more than a means to stop an actual attack. They're also a great way to stop attacks from ever happening to begin with.

If someone is following you or making you uncomfortable, let them know you have a taser. That you're armed and ready to protect yourself.

If they persist, visibly display the taser as an extra deterrent. Show them that you're not bluffing. Sometimes all it takes to keep yourself safe is the display of a self-defense tool like this.

Any time you're in an area that feels dangerous, have the taser out and in your hand. It does you no good if it's stashed away in your bag when an emergency happens.

4. Keeping Distance From Any Threats

Tasers are bulkier than stun guns but they're also great for keeping yourself away from dangers. Instead of needing close-range contact with the threat, you're able to defend yourself at a distance.

A civilian's taser reaches up to 15 feet in front of you. While that's not a vast distance, it's still enough to provide ample protection in many situations.

Make sure to practice with your taser in a safe manner until you know the taser in and out. This way, you'll have an instinctual feel for how far it fires.

With a taser in hand, you'll always have the option of staying away from those threats without putting yourself in more danger.

5. Safety At Every Turn

Carry a taser with you everywhere you go. They're portable and small enough to fit in a purse or bag without any trouble at all.

No matter if you're going to work or a club, you'll have the comfort of a taser's help in every single situation. Remember to take it out whenever you feel like you're going to a dangerous place. Even if you feel only a little uncomfortable, take it out.

It's better to have the taser out and ready but never need it, than to have it hidden away when you do need it.

6. Protecting Someone Else

Using tasers for self-defense is the most common application, but sometimes we need to protect someone else as well. Throwing ourselves into a dangerous situation isn't the safest way to help another person. We want to do something, but how to do that without turning the threat onto ourselves?

That's why a taser is a good tool for this kind of situation. You'll keep your distance while still providing help for someone else in their time of need.

Having a taser at your disposal makes all kinds of situations far easier to deal with.

7. Provides Extra Confidence

Despite all of the depressing news stories we all hear about every day, you have no reason to fear. With the help of the right tools and training, you'll feel far safer than ever before. No one wants to live in fear.

Tasers are perfect for gaining confidence. They're easy to carry with you and easy to use. You'll never need to fear going home alone at night because you've got something to help keep you safe.

Tasers are also multifunctional, making them a versatile tool for any occasion. When it comes to self-defense, you need to be ready for anything and everything. Tasers help in that kind of mentality.

You'll know that, no matter what, you're ready to face anything that seeks to do you harm. 

Remember These Vital Ways a Taser Can Keep You Safe

Having a taser available is only the beginning. You'll need to learn how best to use your new self-defense tool as well. Ask professionals for help or find some classes to help make sure your usage is perfect.

The nice thing is that a taser doesn't have a steep learning curve. As long as you keep in mind all the different ways a taser can keep you safe, you'll have no trouble incorporating a taser into your everyday life.

Start feeling safer today with the help of one of our own tasers! Don't wait to have that kind of security with you everywhere you go.