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Cyber Attacks

  • Be Aware of Cyber Attacks

    What is a Cyber Attack?

    Be aware of Cyber Attacks. A cyber attack is an attempt by a hacker to damage or destroy a computer network or computer system. It can happen to individuals in addition to organizations. It is a malicious attempt to get information that is useful or beneficial to them.

    We believe these are the two most common types of cyber attacks:

    Be Aware of Password Attacks

    Password attacks are the most popular type of cyber attack. Attacks such as these are used to get into a computer system. Hackers therefore are able to obtain a person or organizations passwords. Hackers find it easy to obtain such passwords because user's use common words, such as a person's birthday or pets name. Users use such passwords because they are easy to remember. Hackers therefore even try looking over the shoulder of a person while they are on the computer. They even go so far as to snoop around a persons desk for passwords that may be written down. It is suggested that you change your password often. Don't use birthday's or someone's name. Mix the password up with numbers, letters, a capital letter or two and even a couple of unusual characters. Something that doesn't make sense at all is the best.

    Be Aware of Malware Attacks

    A malware attack is when hackers use malicious software to perform activities on a person's computer without their knowledge. It is said that this type of cyber attack is very complicated. These attacks come in the form of a link or an email attachment. That's why you always hear us as well as others say, "If you don't know the person who sent you the email, don't click on the link". If you do click on the link and it is a malware attack, it could automatically install something on your computer, take information from your hard drive, or completely shut your computer down where you can't even access anything on it. To avoid this from happening, update your software when new versions come out, log out of websites and your computer. And as always, update your passwords as often as possible.

    Our Recommendation Regarding Cyber Attacks

    There are certainly more, and different types of attacks on computer systems that we are not aware of. Password attacks and malware attacks are the ones we hear the most about. So please be careful where you store your passwords. Change your passwords often. If you click on a link in an email, make sure you know who the email came from. As for me personally, and WomenOnGuard, I don't even click on a link in an email even if I know the person. Be aware of cyber attacks.

    Be Aware of Cyber Attacks

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