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  • The Pen Knife and How It Got It's Name

    How The Pen Knife Got Its Name

    Pen Knife or penknife is a British English term meaning small folding knife. However, they didn't necessarily have to have a folding blade. It could be a blade with a long handle, for instance. Centuries ago, describing pen knives basically meant a type of knife used for thinning and pointing quills. Quills are large stiff feathers of a bird's wing or tail. Quills made great dip pens. Additionally, before the invention of pencil sharpeners, quills made great sharpeners.

    What is a Pen Knife?

    Furthermore, multi-functional pen knives became very popular in the late 20th century. The Swiss Army Knife became the most famous of all. Multi-functional knives are typically gadgets which include scissors, nail files, corkscrews, toothpicks etc. Pen Knives look like ordinary pens, write like ordinary pens, but feature a blade that is revealed by pulling the pen apart. Another example, a comb or brush with a knife concealed inside, for instance. These knives are very sharp and are carried for self-defense. However, you can use them for anything you want. You can carry them in your purse, pocket, or anywhere else you would carry a pen.

    How Dual Functional Writing Pen Knives Operate

    Real writing pen knives are easy to operate. Actually, easier to operate than to explain where they originated from. These dual functional or multi-functional pens are just like writing with any other pen. When and if a threat occurs, and you need to use the knife, just pull off the top of the writing pen. Then, to conceal the knife again, just put the top back on. When the knife is not in use, keep the top of the pen on to protect yourself from the blade. Included below, images of Pen Knives.

    Gold Pen Knife

    Gold Pen Knife

    Silver Pen Knife

    Silver Pen Knife

  • What is the Purpose of a Knife?

    There are many and various reasons why people have and carry knives. Flint was used to make knives in the early days. The first Metal Knives were symmetrical double edged daggers, which were made from Copper. About 4,000 years ago, in the Bronze Age, the first single edged knife was made. These knives were used for hunting, cooking and carpentry. 

    Knives serve various purposes. Hunting Knives are used by hunters, soldiers use the combat knife, campers and hikers carry a pocket knife, there are weapons such as daggers and switchblades, knives for throwing or juggling, and knives for religious ceremony or display. In addition, some carry knives as a means of self defense.

    Here are a couple of the many knives we carry. Be sure to check and see if there are any restrictions on knives in your area before you order. 

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    Concealable Brush Knife
    Concealable Brush Knife

    Folding Knife Spring Assisted
    Folding Knife Spring Assisted

  • Incredible Folding Knives, Convenient To Have in Your Purse, Pocket or Briefcase! has a collection of Folding Knives for protection from attackers or simply to use for cooking or cutting items.

    Our website includes Folding Knives for going camping, cutting food or simply for protection against attackers. These units are sharp and ergonomic, fitting perfectly in your hands.

    Our website has nine units to pick from. Each one includes their features, allowing you to view and compare which one is best for you. Check out these affordable Folding Knives that are convenient to have for self defense and also for cooking,
    as well!

  • Pen Knife's In Black, Silver and Gold

    These Pen Knives actually write and include ink as well. Plus, they are convenient for self defense against an attacker!   
               has PENS that also include KNIVES for self defense against an attacker. They are available in Black, Gold and Silver!

    Not only do they also write with ink, but they include a clip for your pocket. These Pen Knife units are available in black, silver and gold. Since they look like regular pens, they won't attract any kind of attention. The sharp blade measures 2.13 inches, long enough to demand attention! Of course they also have a clip for your pocket as well!

    These units are very convenient and demand attention, especially when needed for self defense. Attacker's will look twice before they dare to attack you and your SHARP BLADE!

  • Pen Knives for Self Defense, Also Write!

    In case you didn't know, have writing pens that also include sharp knives for self defense. They are available in 3 colors.

    These Pen Knives with Clips are perfect to take to college or work. You never know when some bad intentioned individual might want to steel something from you or worse... try to hurt you. The pens above have a clip, just like regular pens, but they also include a sharp knife that allows you to protect yourself from attackers. Plus, of course, they also can write, too! They are available in black, gold and silver colors and include a sharp knife that measures 2.13 inch blade... Perfect for self defense and best of all they each only cost $7.29!

    Since they are disguised as pens, attackers will not think that you are really carrying a disguised knife for self defense!

  • Has Pen KNIVES That Also Write!

    Did you know that has sharp pens that can write and also can be used for self defense against an attacker?

    These Pen Knives that only cost $7.29, are very convenient and can protect you from bad intentioned individuals. Wether you are a woman or a man. They contain a 2.13" blade that can be used to stop an attacker from hurting you... PLUS, they also write! All you have to do is separate the top from the pen and you instantly have a serious weapon. These units are very effective because they take an attacker by surprise!

    The blade measures 2.13". The Pen Knives are available in black and gold, gold and also in silver. Plus, they also include a convenient clip.

  • Have You Heard About the Pen Knives at for Only $7.29?

    These units look like a pen and can also write! Plus, they can be used for self defense, because they include a concealed, 2.13" blade! Only $7.29 and perfect for college students, too!

    Nobody will ever know that you are carrying a self defense unit that can also write, because they look like beautiful pens with a convenient clip. All you would have to do is separate the top from the bottom and what other's thought was a fancy pen, is really a weapon. Of course these Knives have a clip to keep it in a pocket or purse. These convenient $7.29 pens, are also perfect for self defense because they have an element of surprise, to a would be attacker! He or she will definitely stay back with any of these Pen Knives with a convenient clip that once you separate the top from the bottom, expose a 2.13" blade! The Pen Knives are also perfect for COLLEGE STUDENTS as well.

    As you can see, these units are available in black and gold, all gold or all silver. Just showing the knife part, will deter attackers!

  • Valentine's Day Gift: Survival Gear for Outdoor Lovers!

    Who doesn't like to be outdoors and breath fresh air? has many products for enjoying the outdoors. Perfect Valentine's Day Gift for the adventurist souls in your life.

    If you go to our Survival Gear category, you will find many items that nature lovers can't do without! From an innovative car jump starter, to emergency disaster radios, knives, hiking canes... There's even a portable water filter straw that allows you to drink water from streams, rivers, lakes and even puddles!

    These Valentine's Day Gifts for Survival Gear enthusiasts, are perfect for outdoor lovers. Plus, you will feel great knowing that your loved ones will have the essentials they need to go camping or hiking! This newest section of our website has 53 items that you can choose from!

  • Valentine's Day Gift: Pen Knives in Black, Gold and Silver Colors, Only $7.29

    These pens not only offer self defense with a 2.13 inch blade, but they also write like a normal pen would. They are available in black, gold and silver!

    These affordable and unique self defense Pen Knives, are easy to carry in a pocket, purse, backpack or briefcase. As other pens, they also have a clip to attach to your clothes as well. Plus, of course, they also write and make a wonderful and useful self defense weapon. The 2.13 inch blade is revealed by simply pulling the pen apart. It's that easy to use!

    Surprise your loved ones with a unique Pen Knives gift, not just your ordinary chocolate box and flowers. They will be grateful that you care for their safety, as well!

  • Affordable Knife Pens that you could use for SELF DEFENSE or as HOLIDAY GIFTS!

    Most of us usually have pens... Either in our pocket, purse or briefcase. So why not carry one that you can use for self defense, as well as being able to write with it?

    At we have 3 nifty knives that are affordable, beautiful and also can offer you self defense against attackers. These beautiful pens only cost $7.29! They also make great HOLIDAY GIFTS! Like most pens, they have a convenient clip, they write like regular pens and if you need some self defense, they also include a sharp 2.13 inch blade! Feel confident anywhere you might go with these self defense Pen Knives. Whether you are a woman or a man, you can take any of these pens to college, work, public transportation, parking lots, or any other place you see fit!

    They can also be convenient if you have a car accident, you're trapped in your car and need to cut your seatbelt! They are very convenient to have and affordable, only $7.29! Perfect self defense unit for college, work, public transportation or parking lots! Buy several and give them as HOLIDAY GIFTS!

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