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Safe Road Trips

  • Safe Road Trips or Bates Motel?

    Safe Road Trips begin with making a good checklist. We recommend that you add a few things to your list of things to pack. For instance the Stun Baton or Stun Bat and the Door Stop Alarm have really given many people peace of mind. They have given college students moms and dads peace of mind. It's best to think of these items as soon as possible since most of them can only be found on the Internet.

    Add a Stun Baton or Stun Bat for Safe Road Trips

    Let's start with your car. What happens if someone tries to take your car while you are on a road trip away from home. You are getting gas or stopping for a snack. Best thing would be to have a passenger stay in the car at all times. Now, this passenger needs to be safe while waiting for everyone else. Keep either a stun baton or stun bat handy, just in case. These units give you reach so that you don't have to get close to the perp.

    Add a Door Stop Alarm for a Safe Hotel Stay on Your Road Trips

    Staying in a Hotel or the Bates Motel? It's probably a good idea to take that stun baton or stun bat in with you, just in case. You might also want to get one of my favorite items. The Door Stop Alarm. This Door Stop Alarm not only will alarm if someone tries to enter the room, but it will STOP the potential threat from coming in. All you have to do is place the door stop alarm behind any door. If an intruder attempts to open the door, the wedge-shaped design of the door stop alarm will prevent it from opening and activate a 120dB alarm.

    There you have it! Our recommendation to you so that you can enjoy your road trip in a safe and worry free manner. But, you still have to maintain the "always be aware of your surroundings". Peace!

    Rechargeable Stun Bat for Safe Road Trips

    Rechargeable Stun Bat

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