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  • 7 Essential Self Defense Weapons for Women

    As a woman, it's essential to keep yourself on the defense at all times. It's unfortunate, but women are seen as easy targets for many attackers. These attackers believe that a woman won't be able to defend herself or fight back as a man would.

    However, that belief is put to rest today. One of the best ways to win in a battle is to use the element of surprise. So, instead of interpreting your gender as a weakness factor, think of it as a hidden weapon of surprise.

    Your gender would suggest to attackers that you're easy prey. They don't expect you to fight back or know how to defend yourself, so when you do, it's an element of surprise. Attackers won't expect you to have self defense weapons for women on you. 

    It's time to keep yourself safe and keep attackers at bay. Here are 7 self-defense weapons all women should consider purchasing!

    1. Pen Knife 

    A pen knife is one of the most convenient and best self-defense tools for a woman to own. The pen works well as a functioning pen. You can take it to work with you and use it in your office as you would any other normal pen. 

    It's a perfect disguise and when suddenly attacked, you can use it as a weapon. A simple pulling of the pen apart exposes the knife, which is used to defend yourself. Because of the fact that the knife is inside a real pen, it's easy to carry on you. 

    You can keep this knife in your purse, clipped on your jacket, and more. The ink for the pen is easily replaceable after running out. You would replace it just like you would any other pen, making it even more convenient. 

    2. Lipstick Stun Gun 

    A lipstick stun gun won't come with an actual lipstick piece to put on your lips, but it looks exactly like one. No one will even notice that it's a fake lipstick container. The lipstick stun gun can easily be placed inside your purse, pocket, or any other type of bag. 

    This stun gun also comes equipped with a flashlight, which comes in handy when you're traveling during the evening hours. The stun gun comes with two different buttons on it, one for the flashlight and one for the stun gun. The stun gun also comes with a power charging cord for recharging the device when needed. 

    3. Spike Stun Gun 

    If you don't need a lipstick stun gun as a disguise, then consider purchasing a spike stun gun instead. The spike stun gun is just as compact and easy to carry as the lipstick stun gun is. This is the perfect self-defense weapon when put into a close range of your attacker. 

    The spike stun gun comes with two spikes at the end of it that you can use to jab your attacker with. Hit your attacker in the eyes or throat with these spikes and trigger the gun. It's small enough to hold in one hand and is triggered when the palm of your hand grabs the handle. 

    4. Flashlight Stun Gun

    Everyone should keep a flashlight on them at all times. You never know when you might need one in your car or in your purse. The flashlight comes with a handle strap that fits around your wrist, keeping it from falling out of your hands. 

    It works just like a normal flashlight would, but when activated, it releases a powerful stun gun. The flashlight also works as a baton, so don't hesitate to take it with you while going for a walk, hike, or other activities. 

    5. Pepper Spray 

    Pepper is another great self-defense tool to have on you at all times. However, why settle or any average pepper spray? Instead, consider purchasing a pepper spray that comes with an alarm and strobe light as well. 

    Having all of these tools built into pepper spray is the best way to increase your chances of getting away from your attacker. It's also super simple to use. When placed in a situation to use your pepper spray, the other features will activate when you activate the pepper spray itself. 

    This means your attacker will be greeted with pepper spray, a loud-sounding alarm, and a strobe light. 

    6. Stun Gun, Flashlight, Power Bank Combo

    Another wonderful combo tool to keep by your side is the stun gun, flashlight, and power bank combo. Power banks are becoming quite popular. This is due to the fact that just about everyone has a mobile phone and other mobile devices that they keep with them at all times. 

    A power bank comes in handy when needing a quick charge. Not only will the power bank charge up your cellphone and other mobile devices, but it'll act as a flashlight and stun gun as well. This gives you three useful tools all in one compact device!

    7. Keychain Alarms

    Keychain alarms are convenient because they come with keyrings, making it easy to attach to your car keys, office keys, and others. The alarm comes with a built-in flashlight as well. 

    Aside from keeping attackers away, this tool also acts as a great tool for any emergency. The alarm that sounds is a 130-decibel alarm, which can come in handy for several different situations. 

    Purchase Your Own Self Defense Weapons for Women Today!

    If you don't own at least one of these self-defense weapons, then it's time to purchase your own self defense weapons for women! As a woman, it's essential that you're always on the lookout for dangerous situations. Carrying these items on you is the best way to keep yourself safe!

    Need home security safety tools as well? Click here to browse through our products. 

  • Defend Yourself: 7 Reasons Everyone Should Take a Self-Defense Class

    You've worked late but it's finally time to go home. By this time the parking lot is vacant and there isn't a person in sight. You're just trying to make it to your car while your mind is thinking about a warm dinner and going to bed.

    Then someone grabs you from behind! What are you going to do?

    Have you ever considered taking a self-defense class? You may have thought about it a few times and maybe backed out. But what if one day this scenario happens to you?

    You don't want to take any chances when you need to defend yourself. 

    Self-defense is a way for you to protect your health and well-being from harm. These classes are becoming more and more popular in today's society for men and women.

    Keep reading for seven important reasons why you should take a self-defense class right away and get serious about your safety.

    1. Help You Stay Safe

    The most obvious reason to take a self-defense class is that it will help you stay safe. But if this is obvious, then why haven't you done it yet?

    Taking a self-defense class will help to build your skills in keeping you and others safe. A bad situation that you may find yourself in will be highly stressful and you may not be thinking correctly. With self-defense skills, you won't even have to think at all and these movements will become natural to you. 

    You will also start to feel less anxious and nervous about walking alone in public. Learning self-defense can also help you spot possible threats and avoid a bad situation from happening in the first place.

    2. New Levels of Physical Fitness

    There are many different types of self-defense classes with most of them being based around martial arts such as krav maga, jiujitsu, tae kwon do, or karate. Many people also use a kickboxing style to train you in self-defense. Regardless of which method you choose, you will definitely be getting a workout when you work on improving your skills. 

    Training in self-defense is a great way to keep your body physically and mentally healthy. By taking these classes you can tone and strengthen your muscles but also lose weight. Partaking in physical exercises, such as self-defense, will put you in a better mood and help you sleep better at night. 

    3. Reduces Stress in Many Ways

    Self-defense classes are a great way to keep your stress under control. This is because physical activities help you to be less stressed in general. But these classes can also help you to manage your anxiety in high-stress situations. 

    Besides keeping your stress under control with exercise, you will also feel less stressed in dangerous situations. Self-defense classes will teach you how to handle yourself so the answer becomes obvious to you. You will also feel calmer in possibly bad situations by developing better situation awareness

    4. Gain More Self-Confidence

    Confidence isn't the only thing you're going to gain when learning to defend yourself but it does play a major role in why you should look into taking these classes. You may unlock feelings of confidence that you had all along but just needed a little push. 

    Just knowing that you can defend yourself and loved ones in any situation and at any time of the day should bring you a lot of self-worth. It is very rare for a person to know how to defend themselves in dangerous situations so you should be proud that you've taken the time and initiative to do so. 

    Knowing how to defend yourself gives you the freedom to explore the world in any way possible. Right now you may be limiting yourself and not even realizing it. Taking a self-defense class will unlock many doors to the world that you did not even know existed. 

    5. Learn Self-Discipline

    Self-discipline might be something you find difficult when it comes to many aspects of your life. But if you want to learn more self-discipline, then taking a self-defense course is the right move for you. 

    When taking a self-defense class you need to be motivated and dedicated to the practice. You will also need to make sure to show up to each and every class. These few examples are great ways to teach yourself self-discipline while also learning to defend yourself in any situation. 

    Self-defense requires a lot of practice to master. You will need to show self-discipline skills when it comes to mastering defending yourself. This will also help to improve other areas in your life that you need discipline in such as your career.  

    6. Become a Leader

    Before you even realize it, self-defense classes will be bringing out the leader in you. This skill can be learned with dedication and practice. Not everyone is born a leader, but with what you learn from self-defense classes, you will be a leader in no time. 

    On your first day of class, you will learn values like respect, discipline, goal-setting and working hard. In a self-defense class, you will also learn how to accept failure if need be. These are important skills that a leader must possess.  

    7. Respect Yourself and Others

    The final reason why you should start taking self-defense classes today is that you will learn how to respect yourself and others. Some people become busy and too caught up in their own lives to respect the other people around them. With a self-defense class, you can learn a great value in why you should always respect others. 

    As we've talked about, self-defense will teach you many great skills you need to know that isn't just physical. All of these skills lead to treating yourself and others with the respect that they deserve. 

    You Should Defend Yourself

    Learning to defend yourself will not only teach you the best physical ways to defend yourself but will also help to teach you valuable life skills. In turn, learning self-defense and everything that goes along with it can bring immense satisfaction and happiness to your life. 

    Now that you've read the seven reasons on why you should take a self-defense class, check out Women On Guard for more information as well as products you can purchase that will help you with self-defense. 

  • 5 Self-Defense Moves Every Woman Should Know (And Can Do!)

    The rate of assault in the United States is frighteningly high.

    For example, someone is sexually assaulted in this country every 92 seconds!

    Of course, assaults come in different forms and severities. Regardless, they’re inevitably traumatic for the victim. Even worse, they frequently have significant negative implications long after the event itself.

    Unfortunately, you never know when an assault is going to happen.

    However, it’s possible to take preventative steps beforehand. Learning simple self-defense techniques, for example, can help you handle the situation, and avoid more serious harm, if and when something happens. They can increase self-confidence and may well avert any attempted assaults.

    Sound worthwhile?

    Keep reading to discover 5 top self-defense moves that every woman should know how to do.

    1. Go for the Groin

    Everyone knows how sensitive the groin area is for guys.

    That’s why targeting the groin is often a go-to recommendation against would-be attackers.

    Sometimes, a swift, sharp kick to this region can be enough to incapacitate them. It may buy you enough time to make your escape and get to safety.

    Chances are you don’t need to be taught how to kick! However, a few pointers on your form can make a difference. After all, you want to generate enough force to debilitate the attacker. This isn’t the time for a miskick.

    Start in a stable position. From there, lift your strong ‘kicking’ leg from the ground and drive it up and forwards towards the groin of your attacker. Next, extend your lower leg outwards (effectively straightening it) while driving your hip forward to generate power. Leaning backward slightly will help produce extra power.

    In close quarters, simply drive upwards with your knee.

    2. Go for the Ears

    The ears are another sensitive area of any person’s head/face.

    Any sharp, forceful contact with them can cause significant injury and/or pain.

    One ear-related option at your disposal is exceptionally simple. All that’s required is hitting the attacker’s ears with an open palm. Imagine holding a pair of cymbals, and clashing them together with the attacker’s head in the middle.

    Of course, you almost definitely won’t have the cymbals with you! However, you can have a similar effect with just your palms. Having your ears struck in this way can be incredibly disorientating.

    Be sure to slap firmly and sharply to cause maximum pain. Remember, you’re trying to escape harm. This isn’t the time to go easy on someone. Hit hard and move away fast.

    3. Face Strike with Palm

    The palm of your hand can be a great weapon at your disposal.

    Specifically, the bottom section (otherwise referred to as the ‘heel’) of your hand can help thwart attackers’ attempts. Striking someone with the heel of your palm will hurt. That’s especially true if you’re able to target the most vulnerable parts of their facial anatomy.

    Your form will be important. Expose the heel by flexing your hand backward (imagine pushing a large flat item upwards). Keep your fingers slightly bent. Your dominant/strong hand will deliver the most force.

    Simply punch your arm outwards and upwards (keeping your hand flexed) and connect with the attacker.

    Aim for their nose or throat. Drive the heel into their nostrils or under their chin. Driving upwards and swiftly bring your hand back into a starting position will cause maximum impact.

    4. Use Your Elbows

    Your elbows are some of the hardest parts of your body.

    They can also be maneuvered at high speed.

    That makes them prime weapons in your self-defense arsenal. You should aim to use them when you’re at close quarters with a potential attacker.

    Imagine they’re in close proximity and facing towards you. Have your hands up at face height, with arms bent and tucked into your side. Keep your strongest arm bent, shift your weight towards the attacker and strike them with your elbow as hard as you can.

    Always aim for their facial area. The nose, chin, temple, neck, and jaw are specific areas to strike.

    What if the attacker approaches from behind? Get yourself into the same starting position as before. This time, though, you’re obviously facing away from them. Next, lift your strong arm (bent at the elbow) to shoulder height, swivel backward 180 degrees towards the attacker, and strike (as best you can) in their face.

    5. Rear Hug Escape

    Imagine an attacker approaching from behind and clasping their arms around your shoulders.

    Picture a ‘hug’ from behind.

    This is obviously a troubling situation to find yourself in (these tips on situational awareness can prevent it from happening). There’s a danger that they might raise their arms and begin choking you. Try to respond as quickly as possible to stop that from happening.

    Your instinctive reaction is likely to have raised your hands to their arms. Start your escape by shifting your hips to one side. This exposes their groin. Bring your hand down and strike it with an open hand. Remember, strike hard.

    Next up, you want to turn into the attacker. Do that by raising your opposite elbow to the one you struck them with. Bring the elbow up (lifting their arm from your shoulders), turn inwards, and move away from them.

    This is an aggressive move to be performed rapidly. As you extract yourself from their hold, strike them with your knee, palms, and elbows, etc, to ensure your escape.

    Time to Master These Self Defense Moves

    There you have it: 5 top self-defense moves that every woman should know how to perform.

    Unfortunately, assaults (including sexual assault) are all too common in the US. Women, in particular, are often subject to them. The assault itself can be traumatic enough. The troubling aftereffects can add insult to the injury.

    Having a set of practiced self-defense techniques can be a useful tool to call upon in these situations. They may make all the difference when trying to evade and fight off an attacker.

    Hopefully, this post has provided a selection of moves to start your self-defense journey.

    Are you looking for additional ways to protect yourself from harm? Check out our Personal Safety section now to browse the items that can help.

  • Self-Defense for the Elderly

    Prevention Comes First

    Prevention comes first when it comes down to self-defense for the elderly. Actually this is true for everyone. It's hard to avoid your regular places where you spend time, but sometimes you have to. If you're getting bullied or picked on it's clear you are spending time in the wrong places that you should definitely avoid. Pick your stuff up, domino's, checkers, chess game, friends, and move to a different location.

    Protecting Yourself

    Most attackers search for the most vulnerable individuals to go after. Usually, this is the elderly in our society who may not know any kind of self- defense. You could be getting picked on by someone younger and stronger than you. You have to find something to protect yourself with and show them. Using a weapon is the best way to do that. The best and most popular 1st choice weapon is pepper spray. Pepper spray or Mace is ideal for an elderly person with no prior training of physically defending themselves.

    Psychological & Preventative

    There is a distinction between men and women when it comes to attacks or threats. A man may attack a woman differently than a man. Regardless, you have to know how to recognize and avoid dangerous people and places. Maintain your distance from people in public you don't know. Self-Defense for the Elderly is important in our society and must be addressed.

    Self-Defense for Everyone

    Again, awareness and prevention is first and the key to a happy healthy life. Always be aware of your surroundings. Even is you have traveled that road before or all the time. You just never know when someone may be around that has bad intentions towards you or anyone else. The best self-defense including awareness and prevention is to carry pepper spray. It's the #1 choice of self-defense. If you want to go further, you could invest in a stun gun. They are easy to work and come in all sizes and strengths. Be safe!

  • Self Defense Gifts for Her: 8 Great Ideas for the Woman in Your Life!

    If the woman in your life goes a lot of places on her own, you might be worried about her safety. She likely feels the fear as well as she hears the startling statistics about the thousands of women that are assaulted each day.

    Gifting self-defense weapons for women or even men to your loved one is a great way to show that you care and to give them a unique gift they will use for years to come. Continue reading this article for the list of the best self-defense weapons for women that you can give as a gift.

    Must Try Self-Defense Weapons for Women

    Whether you're looking for a hot sale or if you're ready to pay full price, there are some great finds in the list below.

    1. Disguised Pepper Spray

    Disguised pepper spray is a good gift because you get the protection element but they don't have to have an ugly pepper spray in their purse. Another reason disguised pepper spray is a good pick is in case an attacker gets and checks their purse. They may give it back if they just think it has lipstick in it but then they can use the pepper spray and run away. The element of surprise is the win on this one.

    Get It Now

    2. SmartPhone Stun Gun

    People are used to people walking around with smartphones so your loved one doesn't have to look paranoid when they're walking around with their stun gun disguised as a smartphone.

    If they feel like they are being followed or someone is threatening, they can get it out and get ready to zap their attacker.

    Get It Now

    3. Pepper Spray, Strobe Light & Alarm

    If you want to make sure that your loved one is triply protected then getting them something with pepper spray, a strobe light, and a loud alarm will do the trick. This gift is small enough to carry in a purse or pocket but big enough to pack a punch if someone is attacking the person you care about.

    You don't have to worry about the battery either since it has a 4-year no-charging battery life.

    Get It Now

    4. Fuzzy Ball Personal Alarm

    Get your special person a cute fuzzy ball to wear or hang on their purse or backpack. This fuzzy ball doubles as cute decor and a panic or medical alarm.

    Many times an attacker will place their hands over the person's mouth so they can't scream but they won't think about the cute fuzzy ball and the woman in your life can activate the alarm and draw attention to the situation.

    Get It Now

    5. Throwing Stars

    What person doesn't want to feel like a ninja? Get your favorite person throwing stars that are cool and cute but also can keep them protected.

    Don't think they need to be great at throwing these throwing stars because of the way they are designed. The blades are very sharp and as long as they get pretty close and graze the target, the blade will inflict pain and often scare off the attacker. However, practice makes for a more accurate and precise hit.

    Get It Now

    6. Sting Rings

    Sting rings are light and they aren't bulky. If someone likes to go running, this can be a great option to make sure that they stay safe. 

    All it takes to activate the sting ring is one little squeeze so don't be afraid that they will freeze and not be able to use it.

    Get It Now

    7. Butterfly Knife

    If they know  their way around a knife, get them a cool butterfly knife or even show them how to best use it. Butterfly knives conceal the blade when they aren't being used so you don't have to worry about any accidental cuts.

    Besides for being very functional, they also look very cool. Be sure to check the Knife Restrictions Info page on this one.

    Get It Now

    8. Runt Stun Gun

    You know women won't carry around a big stun gun so you'll be looking for something small and discreet. You also want to make sure that it still will work if someone attacks her.

    Getting a Runt stun gun is a good way to give anyone a way to protect themselves by disabling their attacker but not making it obvious that they are carrying one. You can even pick one that goes along with their favorite color so it blends in with a jacket or purse.

    Get It Now

    Personal Safety Gifts Are the Best

    There are many personal safety products available for women as well as for men and giving one as a gift will allow them to feel safe as they're going about their day -- or night! Many times people find themselves leaving the office late or heading back from a movie with friends and get that creepy feeling.

    Having one or more of the above self-defense weapons will allow your loved one to have peace of mind so they can continue doing what they want and need to do without worrying about what might be around the next corner.

    You can even buy several and give them to all of the women or men in your life for their birthdays, Christmas or even Mother's or Father's Day. Peace of mind and safety is always a great gift no matter what the holiday is -- or isn't.

    Get a Gift They Will Love

    Now that you know about these self-defense weapons, choose one, two or even more, that you know your loved one is going to love. You can even take it a step further and get home safety equipment so you feel safe at home as well as when you are out and about.

  • The Benefits of Self Defense Stun Guns for Women

    Are you looking for things that will help you protect yourself from persons with malicious intents?

    If you’re not into martial arts or don’t have the time to practice, a weapon will help you better. Often, these weapons include stun guns, pepper sprays, or even improvised weapons.

    Every 92 seconds, there is an American that experiences sexual assault. Out of every 6 American women, one is a victim of rape, while 1 out of 10 rape victims is male. Also, the majority of sexual assault victims are people within 18–34 years of age.

    These statistics represent a reality that we all must face. Though the cases of sexual assault and sexual violence have gone down, there is still a high rate. This is why it’s important to arm yourself with protective means.

    In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of getting the best stun guns and tasers for women.

    1. Not Lethal

    When you go to work, school, or home, do you often walk all by yourself?

    Having a stun gun on hand is very helpful when you find yourself in dark alleys or isolated areas. One of the most effective safety tips for when you’re walking alone is to carry a defensive weapon.

    Other than pepper spray, stun guns are one of the most effective tools of self-defense. Stun guns are non-lethal and often only disable attackers.

    These weapons should be secondary to the best protective measures: vigilance and awareness.

    Stun guns do not harm people like firearms do. And while some stun guns have high voltage numbers, many do not cause damage in the long term. The reason for this is because of the low amperage of a stun gun.

    2. Quick and Effective

    A half-second contact with the prongs of a stun gun can cause pain and muscle contraction. Three seconds of contact will cause immobilization. Remember, in a physical struggle, 3 seconds can already be a long time.

    Stun guns are powerful enough that they can deliver the shock to a person’s muscles within a second or three. They must be operational too, much like how the #MeToo movement was effective in bringing down 201 powerful figures. There is not a perfect stun gun for all women, but the best kind is an effective one.

    You can find that even cheap stun guns are effective self-defense weapons. The key to getting the most out of a device like this is to undergo training. Knowing how to handle a stun gun in the correct manner and most effective ways will be a great help to you.

    3. Disguised Self-Defense Weapon

    The best stun guns come in all shapes and sizes. Many types can be small enough to fit even the smallest of handbags or purses. These smaller stun guns are great to keep hidden when you don’t want to let attackers know yet that you have one.

    There is also a wide range of models of stun guns for women. Handheld ones are the most common. Other types or models have a different look.

    Some look like flashlights and function like them too. Others have a dual purpose for everyday circumstances. The stunbrella, however, functions only as a stun gun.

    4. Cost-Effective

    Stun guns are cheaper than most self-defense weapons in more than one way. The close-range devices themselves cost less. Also, stun guns don’t utilize any form of ammunition, and they don't need new batteries since they're rechargeable.

    One other great feat is that stun guns allow for warning “shots” with their loud crackling. If you stun a person with a stun gun, you can touch them as you do it because the electrical current from the stun gun will not pass back to you.

    The only disadvantage of stun guns is that you need to make direct contact with someone to disable them. That said, some stun guns allow for an extended reach. An example of this is a stun baton or a taser, which is similar to a stun gun but can hit targets from a distance.

    How Stun Guns Work

    When you touch the prongs of a stun gun against an attacker for 3 seconds, it immobilizes them. The stun gun keys into the nervous system. It deposits energy into the muscles at a high frequency, which makes the muscles work fast but not well.

    When the muscles enter this rapid cycle, blood sugar goes down. It gets converted into lactic acid within a few seconds. Since there is energy loss, it becomes difficult to move one’s body and make it function right.

    Impulses that direct muscle movement get interrupted before they reach the muscles. All of this will lead to a few minutes of the attacker’s confusion, disorientation, and loss of balance. There is no significant effect on the perpetrator’s heart and organs.

    At this point, the victim should already be far away from the site. Or, it’s also reasonable that they find help and call for the authorities.

    Remember, always undergo proper stun gun handling training before you start using one.

    Stay Safe and Protected Wherever You Go

    That’s it for our guide on the benefits of stun guns for self-defense for women. The best stun gun for women is one that can you can conceal and use in a quickie. You are always free to choose a style that suits your lifestyle and preferences.

    Do note that it’s illegal to own a stun gun in some states. Before you carry or buy one, do some research on your local laws. If your state allows stun guns, make sure to read the complete stun gun laws.

    Did you find this blog post enjoyable and informative? Do you want more articles that tackle self-defense? If so, feel free to check out our blog page.  

    Thinking of getting a stun gun of your own? Check out our website for stun guns and a variety of other self-defense weapons. For inquiries, get in touch with us anytime.

  • Fight and Flight in Self Defense

    Fight and Flight in Self Defense. You're probably saying to yourself, it's not suppose to be Fight and Flight, it's suppose to be Fight or Flight. However, we have a different take on this. So, we believe in having both responses so we're changing it to Fight and Flight in Self Defense.

    If you feel frightened or nervous when walking by yourself at night, you're not alone, most people do. When you walk alone at night you become vulnerable to attacks even though most attacks are unpredictable. 

    Because of the danger of walking alone at night, even during the day, you should be aware of your surroundings. This is crucial as to whether or not you find yourself in a situation you don't want to be in. But, either way, it's best to be prepared yourself for Fight and Flight in Self Defense, just in case. Let's introduce it.

    Fight and Flight

    Fight or Flight is a survival mechanism, that enables people and other mammals to react quickly to life-threatening situations. There are two possible outcomes. I've read many articles on this topic and most of them mention that you either Fight or Flight. Again, we believe in having both responses.

    First you fight to position yourself in the situation to obtain that window of opportunity and get to safety. Getting to safety is the flight part of this.

    In fight response, your reaction is to fight, and defend yourself against your attacker.

    Flight response requires you to escape from the situation. Therefore, running away from an attacker and getting to safety is the goal.

    When we refer to fight, the attacker is subdued by means of a self defense device. 

    The Use of a Self Defense Device to Fight

    One way is to spray them with pepper spray. As a result, this will temporarily blind them and disorient them giving you that window of opportunity to run like hell to safety. You go from Fight to Flight.

    Another way is to get them on the ground by using a stun gun. Stun them and while they are down, run like hell to safety. Again, you go from Fight to Flight.

    You could always carry a knife with you. You'll have to be careful with a knife. The attacker will try to take it from you. Be smart, don't give them an opportunity to grab it. Fight and Flight again.

    You can use any self defense device to fight with your attacker. Scream or activate a personal alarm that sounds off. Noice always draws attention to the situation. However, the perfect situation is to not get in the situation of having to defend yourself. But if you don't have a choice, there are many products you can use to fight with and give you that window of opportunity to run to safety. Check out our website and buy something you feel comfortable with. This is the first step towards personal protection and your road to safety. Peace, and stay safe. The Women On Guard Team.

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