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  • The Pen and The Sword: 5 Mighty Blades to Keep Her Safe

    The world is a dangerous place to be a woman. One in three women will experience sexual violence in her life, and one in five will be raped. With those kinds of numbers working against us, we have to be able to defend ourselves.

    Having a knife is a great way to help you stay safe without dealing with the lethality and legal issues of a gun. Read on to discover the best disguised knives and other knife styles to help keep you safe.

    Brush Knife

    If you want to be able to defend yourself without carrying around something as obvious as a giant knife, a brush knife could be a great option for you. Not only is it functional, but it gives you the element of surprise in the event of an attack. And it keeps you from slicing your hand open every time you reach into your purse.

    In the case of a brush knife, the blade extends up into the back of the brush. You can use it just like a regular brush and then pull the knife out of the top of the brush in case you have to defend yourself. We offer brushes and combs in a few different colors to suit your style so it blends in.

    Pen Knife

    A pen knife works on the same basic concept as a brush knife. You have a knife concealed inside an object that you can actually use for regular tasks. You can sign your name with a pen knife and then defend yourself in the parking lot of you have to.

    One of the big advantages of using a disguised knife is that you can take it almost anywhere with you. Even in areas where you wouldn’t normally be allowed to have a knife, security guards likely won’t spot that you still have a means of self-defense. The exception, of course, is anywhere with an x-ray; your knife will still show up on those scans.

    Folding Knife 

    If you want a knife that’s less sneaky, a folding knife can be a great option. These knives work well for usual tasks like cutting open packages or trimming plants. And because they fold into themselves, they’re perfectly safe to keep in a pocket or a purse.

    If you’re the outdoorsy sort, you may want to look into getting a military folding knife that comes equipped with a belt clip and paracord. You can get spring-assisted knives that will snap open to make it easier for you to access the blade when you need it. You can also get tactical rescue folding knives designed to help you cut through seatbelts and break windows in case of an emergency.

    Hunting Knife

    If you’re wanting something a little more intimidating still, a hunting knife is a good option. These knives don’t fold, so you’ll have to get a sheath for it no matter whether you want to put it in your pocket or purse or on your belt. But they’re also much sturdier and dangerous in case of a fight.

    If you’re in a fight with a folding knife, there’s a chance it could fold on you, rendering it useless at best and hurting you at worst. A hunting knife won’t budge and is designed to rip through skin, sinew, and muscle. They’re also a good tool to have along with you in case you find yourself in a survival sort of situation.

    Butterfly Knife

    You may have seen butterfly knives show up in popular media, and it’s easy to see why. The profile of these knives in entrancing, a knife that flips out of a sheath that doubles as a handle. The right person can flip these knives open one-handed without hurting themselves, but we don’t recommend starting with that move. 

    Butterfly knives can also be very practical for self-defense. Because their handle folds down to create a sheath, you don’t have to worry about pulling them out of a sheath. But they also don’t fold up, making them a little safer for you to use in a fight.

    Rescue Knife

    If you’re wanting a knife that can get you out of a variety of bad situations, a rescue knife might be a good choice. These knives are a variation of a folding knife that has a few extra survival-focused tweaks. They’re popular among EMTs, firefighters, police, and other first responders.

    Rescue knives flip open with a flick of the finger and have a serrated edge at the base of a curved blade. They can be used to cut away a seatbelt, and the knife has a glass breaking tip on the end of the handle. And, of course, it can be used in a pinch to fight off an attacker.

    Throwing Knife

    Throwing knives take a lot more skill and dedication to self-defense than the other weapons we’ve mentioned here. You’ll need to spend a lot of time training with these weapons if you want to have a prayer of fighting off an attacker, and they’re no good in close quarters. But use properly, they can help you make sure an attacker never gets close enough to get a hand on you.

    Throwing knives are specially weighted to help you hit the target you’re aiming at. They have double-edged blades and no hilt to speak of. If you plan to carry them with you, you’ll need a special sheath since these are simple straight blades.

    Get the Best Disguised Knives

    If you don’t want to deal with the hassle or lethality of a gun but you still want a way to defend yourself, a knife is a great option. You can take them to a variety of places where guns aren’t allowed, and you can take disguised knives with you almost anywhere. Find the right knife for you and stay safer today.

    If you’d like to discover more self-defense tools, check out the rest of our site at Women on Guard. We have everything from stun guns to pepper spray to help you stay safe. Check out what’s new in knives and start defending yourself better today.

  • Concealed Carry Purse's

    This unit for women is special! It has a compartment in the back that you can hide a gun, taser or any other unit you see fit!

    This convenient pretty purse is perfect for women and that's not all it is... It also includes a compartment in the back that you can hide a weapon. Be it a gun, taser or a pepper spray!

    Women are more likely to be assaulted by a rapist, scumbag or attacker and this unit would not be expected. Rapist's normally won't think of a woman carrying a hidden weapon.

    Plus, if you do get attacked, you can also send it to the manufacturer and they will replace the purse for you, for free!

    Check out all the other beautiful and convenient purses with weapon compartments HERE!

  • Lipstick Personal Alarm in Pink or Black! Only $15.99 has the Lipstick Personal Alarm in Pink or Black,  for letting other know that you have an emergency or need help!

    Pink Lipstick Personal AlarmThis affordable unit for self defense will let people know, if you need help or have an emergency. The Lipstick Personal Alarm In Pink or Black includes a 90dB alarm, to notify others that you need help or are in a dangerous situation. This unit is available in pink or black.

    Plus, it's easy to use the 90dB alarm, just lift the top a little and the alarm will go off! Of course, since it's so small, you can hide in your hand, purse, book bag or brief case. It's also convenient for college women because college police can hear the unit and know that you are in a predicament... Not bad for only $15.99 and perfect for women's self defense!

  • Soccer Excitement Taking Us Fans Around The World

    Are you a fan of Soccer? We are and most of the world loves the games, talk about fans! We can't wait to see which team will be the winner!

    Soccer is played almost all over the world and the fans can't take enough of it! Including us at When the season of Soccer comes around, the world focuses on this game that men and women play almost all over the world.

    Free Soccer Ball Royalty Free Stock Image - 1419366It's when many countries get together and show their expertise of this enduring game called Soccer. We like the fact that not only men play it, but women and children do, too! It's a game that brings together the finest Soccer athletes all over the world.

    These Soccer games are still being televised. Stick around, watch them and root for your favorite team. Don't forget the popcorn!

  • Drink Guard, Date Rape Drug Detector

    If you are a woman and go to bars and parties frequently, you should consider taking with you a small envelope that fits in your wallet or purse and detects Date Rape Drugs. Cost's only $9.95!, has an effective small envelope that will fit perfectly in your purse. It's called the Drink Guard. The Date Rape Drug Detector can let you know if your drink has been tampered with. All women have to do is go to a rest room and dip the small strip of paper in the beverage. The strip detects GHB and Ketamine! Plus, the strips are odorless.

    It's been studied that 25% of people who's drink is spiked, will be sexually assaulted. This small envelope called the Date Rape Drug Detector Cards by Drink Guard, is easy to use and affordable, only $9.95.

  • Pepper Spray Pen 10% Pepper Shot, Only $8.96!

    Do you need a weapon that is small and contains 10% Pepper Spray, to defend yourself with it? Well, we have an affordable unit called the Pepper Spray Pen 10% Pepper Shot!

    Pepper Spray PenThis disguised unit looks like a  regular pen, but it actually contains pepper spray in it. It looks like a regular pen and even has a pen clip that you can easily put in your pocket or purse.

    This self defense affordable unit only cost's $8.96 and will protect women from attackers, rapists or any other bad intentioned individuals. The Pepper Spray Pen contains 5 one-second bursts and can reach an attacker 6 feet away. Plus, it has a UV Dye that if police capture him or her, they can verify they caught the right individual, by placing him or her under a UV Lamp. This would confirm they caught the right individual.

    This affordable pen is only available in black and is great for college students, women, men, the elderly and people that take public transportation. All you have to do is aim and shoot the pepper spray at the attacker's eyes.

  • Emergency Power Supply and Car Jump Starter

    This unit is a must have for women! In fact, it's been on our website for a long time because it's easy to use and there is no heavy wires to deal with...

    If you are a woman, you know how scary it is to ask a complete stranger for help. The beauty of this unit, called the Emergency Power Supply and car Jump Starter!

    No more complete strangers to power your car's battery! This simple and small unit can start your car fast, without heavy cords to deal with.

    Seems like a miracle, but it's true! PLUS, not only does it charge your vehicle's battery, but it also can charge some cellphones as well... Offering you, to speak about your dilemma to a friend, if you like!

    Emergency Power Supply and Car Jump Starter package viewThe Emergency Power Supply and Car Jump Starter Features
    - No strangers needed to start your own car
    - Jump Starter starts your car in seconds
    - No long, heavy cables to deal with
    - Charges most cell phones in no time

    Perfect for women or men... It's time to throw those antiquated heavy cables, AWAY!

  • Lipstick Pepper Sprays Available in 5 Colors

    At we have 5 self defense disguised lipstick containers that are really pepper sprays that you can shoot at the eyes of an attacker!

    The 5 Lipstick Pepper Spray units are disguised to look like lipstick but are instead a self defense pepper spray for protecting women from attackers or rapists. Disguised self defense units are very popular and help women stay safe, since the attacker will think it’s just lipstick!

    These disguised lipsticks can shoot up to 6 feet away and contain 5, one-second bursts! The units also have a UV Dye to help police find the right attacker. You see, authorities can place an attacker under a UV lamp and confirm that they have the right individual.

  • Date Rape Drug Detector Cards by Drink Guard

    If you are a college student, working woman, or simply go to bars or even just parties, you should know about a product that can prevent DATE RAPE! 
    It’s called the Drink Guard Date Rape Drug Detector. Many women are victims of men that place drugs on a women’s drink, to take advantage of her without her not knowing about it! Women don’t know that their drinks are drugged or spiked!

    WomenOnGuard has a solution, the Drink Guard Date Rape Drug Detector! All a women need to do is place drops on a small envelope and wait for the a color change… Depending on the color change, you will know if the drink is safe or dangerous!

  • Emergency Power Supply and Car Jump Starter, Only $69.99

    If you are a woman driving alone, you know how scary it is to get help if your car goes dead! But there is a simple solution, the Emergency Power Supply and Car Jump Starter! 

    You might think that us at are crazy, but we sell a unit that doesn’t require long heavy cords, a man or a tow truck to start your vehicle! You see this simple to use unit, only has the prongs and a super powerful small (size of a cell phone) battery. No messy long cords and can be stored in your car’s glove compartment! You might think this is a joke, but not so! The small battery to start it is small, looks like a cellphone! It's called the Emergency Power Supply and Car Jump Starter, and only cost's $69.99.

    PLUS, this unit not only can start your car within seconds, but it also can charge many cell phones, tablets or other electronics! I

    Us ladies at tested it, to make sure we were certain that it indeed has all the bells and whistles… It does!

    No need for your husband to be around or a stranger, if your car’s battery fails! Best invention EVER! Especially for women and also great for men too!

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