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  • Mace Pepper Gun in Pink, Silver and Black!

    These units are available in Pink, Black and Silver as well!

    This unit is non lethal yet effective on stopping attackers from self defense. It shoots up to 20 feet away and all you have to do is aim at their eyes and face! When you shoot at an attacker's face, he will feel a burning sensation that will make him or her close their eyes from all the pain it inflicts. has these Mace Pepper Guns in units available in black, silver and pink.

    They also have an LED light that you can shine into an attacker's face and eyes and disorient them!

    The Mace Pepper Gun includes:
    - Pepper spray gun dispenser
    - Replaceable cartridge w/ 7 short blasts
    - 1 Practice cartridge (water)
    - Battery for LED light operation

  • Keychain Personal Alarm with Light and 130dB Alarm

    This unit is small, only measures 2 3/4" x 1 3/4" x 1", it's very easy to put in your pocket or purse.

    It includes a convenient LED light and a keyring for your keychain! The front of the unit includes 2 white eyes, one is for the alarm and the other is for the light.

    The Keychain Personal Alarm with Light and 130dB is also perfect for college student's, senior citizens, the handicapped and more. Plus, it's really important if you live in a large city, because if you come across a bad intentioned individual, you can set the alarm off and deter an attacker.

    Let other's know of this small yet handy little alarm that can literally save your life or someone else's.

  • Mace KeyGuard in Pink or Black

    Mace KeyGuard Self Defense Spray BlackThis unit is available in pink or black and since it's small, it also is REFILLABLE! Plus, it's small, and easier for you to carry it with you anywhere you go!

    Mace Keyguard RefillMace Keyguard Self Defense Spray PinkThe Mace KeyGuard Pepper Spray in pink or black for self defense is small and is refillable with the Mace® Pepper Pen and KeyGuard Refill... No need to purchase another unit! The Mace KeyGuard also includes a convenient keyring for your keys and since it's so small, you can place it in your pocket or purse so you can use it fast!

    When an attacker comes toward you, simply flip the top of the self defense pepper spray unit and spray it into their eyes and face. It will make the attacker cry like a baby from all the pain it inflicts (but it's not long lasting, so you have to leave the scene immediately!).

    When the unit is empty, simply use the Mace KeyGuard Pepper Spray Refill canister to fill it again, sold separately.

  • Go Camping Prepared, Take the Rechargeable Lamp with Power Bank

    It's not too late to go camping yet! has a rechargeable Lamp with Power Bank that will make your escape into the woods, more convenient!

    The Rechargeable LED Camping Lamp with Power Bank, to carry, includes 256 lumens. It offers 360 degrees of light and includes two light modes; high with 256 lumens and low 42 lumens if you want to save the battery life. It's also water resistant as well!

    Features Include:
    - Provides 360º of bright light
    - Includes 2 modes, high w/ 256 lumens
    - Low with 42 lumens (to save battery life)
    - Can be hung on trees backpacks or on a tent
    - Charges cell phones and other mobile units
    - Emergency preparedness
    - It's water resistant even in bad weather
    - Includes 1 year warranty

  • Date Rape Drug Detector Cards by Drink Guard

    Do you like to go to night clubs? Make sure you take with you the Date Rape Drug Detector Cards to make sure you don't drink spiked or hidden drugs! 

    These small little cards will let you know if someone has spiked your drink. It's called the Date Rape Drug Detector Cards by Drink Guard. Make sure that you first go to the rest room and test your drink, to make sure it's safe! 25% percent of women who's drink is spiked will be sexually assaulted. Drink Guard detects GHB and Ketamine in alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

    Before you take a drink from someone offering you one, make sure you test it by going into the the ladies rest room. Simply place a drop of your beverage onto both spots of one test. Smear each gently, wait until dry. If either spot turns to a darker blue color, it probably has a Drug or has been Spiked and you should not drink it! Never take a drink from someone you don't well!

  • Mace® Pink Pepper Spray Pocket Model

    Do you need some protection from bad intentioned individuals? At we have a little small unit that will fit in your pocket and deter rapist's and attackers from hurting you!
    Mace Hot Pink Pepper Spray Pocket

    This Mace® Hot Pink Pepper Spray Pocket Model is small you can cover it with your hand or place it in your pocket, perfect for self defense. It includes 15 short bursts and can reach up to 10 feet away! The unit also includes a keychain to place your keys as well. The canister is small and can be hidden in your hand.

    Plus, it also includes an invisible UV dye that marks an attacker, which allow's police to detect if an attacker tried to take the unit from you. Authorities will place him or her under an invisible UV lamp. The UV lamp will confirm that they caught the right individual.

    Also, if you purchase this unit, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to these charitable organizations:

    The National Center for Victims of Crime
    Project Against Violent encoutners
    Casting for Recovery

  • Pepper Spray with Hard Case 10 Pepper Spray Units Special!

    Would you like to help your family and friends stay safe? Consider giving them a Pepper Spray Hard Case Special,  for protection from attacker's and rapists!

    Unfortunately, attackers and rapists are still around and of course they target the helpless, such as women and senior citizens. At, we have a Special that includes 6 units that you can use and share with others, for self defense.

    The Pepper Spray with Hard Case 10 Pepper Spray Units Special, can reach up to 8 feet away and contain 5 one second bursts! All you have to do is aim at the attacker's eyes and face. The burning sensation of the pepper will make them close their eyes from all the pain and heat it will deliver! This in turn will allow you and your family and friends to escape safely.

    Plus, it includes a convenient keyring to attach to your family and friend's keys. You can also take the bottom ring off the unit to see it's expiration date, as well!

  • Triple Sting Ring Stun Gun HD 28 Million Volts Black

    This new unit in our store, is an incredible self defense stun gun that is ergonomic, it fit's perfectly in your hand  for self defense!

    The Triple Sting Ring Stun Gun HD 28 Million Volts in Black covers not just one finger loop but 3 knuckles from getting hurt while you defend yourself.  It includes 28 Million Volts of takedown power. All you have to do is turn the safety off and simply tighten your grip to shoot the electricity on top of the rings! Believe us when we say that this unit protects your hand and will not fall from your hand either...

    Triple Sting Ring Stun Gun Black Features
    - There is no other stun gun like this one
    - Includes 3 times the contact of previous units
    - The tight crip prevents it from falling from your hands
    - It includes incredible Knuckle Protection
    - The Squeeze-N-Stun Technology activates quickly
    - You can also conceal the unit by closing your fist
    - The unit is small and lightweight
    - Includes a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge
    - It's rechargeable and comes with a charging cord
    - PLUS, it includes a LIFETIME WARRANTY from defects

  • Stun Master Stun Gun Li'l Guy With 12 Million Volts, $19.97

    Do you need a small unit for self defense that includes an LED light and you can charge it by just inserting it in a wall socket? Well, you have come to the right place!

    The Stun Master Stun Gun Li'l Guy is small, so you can hide in your pocket or purse. They include an LED light with 120 Lumens to shine into an attacker's eyes, allowing you to escape safely. They also include a rubberized exterior to prevent from falling from your hand. These units include 2 prongs that you can insert into a wall socket for charging, no batteries needed!

    Plus, of course the Stun Master Stun Gun Li'l Guy with 12 Million Volts, are easily concealed in your pocket or purse. The prongs are heavy duty, so you know this unit will last a long time for your protection! The unit measures 3 3/4" x 1 1/2" x 3/4" and are available in 9 colors! Plus, they also include a LIFETIME WARRANTY! All this for just $19.97!

  • Keychain Personal Alarm with Light, 130dB, Blue

    If you take public transportation, go to college or are a senior citizen, this unit is perfect for you! It includes 130dB, to let other's know that you are in a predicament.

    This small unit called the Keychain Personal Alarm with Light, 130dB Blue, includes an LED light, an alarm and a convenient keychain! Plus, it's very small only measures 2 3/4" x 1 3/4" x 1".  As mentioned before, it includes a 130db alarm, the loudest alarm that can be used for citizens in the USA! Plus, since it includes an LED light, you can shine it at an attacker and temporarily blind him or her, while you escape!

    This unit is perfect for large cities, especially if you are attacked by a rapist, or if you use a wheelchair to get around or you might have fallen and need help. The LED light is also convenient, especially when it's dark and you need to find your keys!

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