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  • Safety Tips If Walking Alone

    Here are a few safety tips if you are walking alone. Because you work the late shift, or for any other reason you have to walk alone, you should take a few safety tips into consideration. It's late and your shift just ended. You work the 3-11pm shift and currently walking home alone. The positive for working the late shift is your employer, just like most other employers, pays a shift differential. This is great because you can always use the extra money. Maybe save up for a car? The drawback is you live 5 blocks from work, you don't have a car, and you have to walk home alone. You are in a predicament! What are you going to do? You have no other choices or tricks up your sleeve. You can also incorporate some of these tips with other daily routine activities.

    Use the Buddy System if You Don't Have To Walk Alone

    If you don't have to walk alone, our best safety tip is to simply use the Buddy System. Believe it or not, the Buddy System goes as far back as 1942. It started in the US Armed Services and simply means that two people are paired together. As a result, there is mutual safety in hazardous environments or situations. However, I hear the Buddy System, when used as a safety measure against crimes such as sexual violence, is controversial. I say that because, statistically speaking, many attacks are perpetrated by someone you know. If you use this method, please take this information in consideration. Know your buddy more than they know themselves!

    Take a Personal Safety Class Especially If You Know you Will Be Unaccompanied at Times

    Walking alone can be scary. Taking a personal safety class can help. It doesn't mean you have to get a black belt in Karate. However, it can give you another option if you were to find yourself up against a threat. Learning a few moves can also boost your confidence. But don't get over confident that you forget you are walking alone. Learn a few moves like strikes, kicks, and how to escape.

    Stay Alert and Aware of Your Surroundings If Walking Alone

    When walking alone always stay alert and aware of your surroundings, day or night. This is probably one of the most important safety tips there is. Always be prepared. Walk with confidence and at a steady pace. Don't let others sense that you are lost or confused about where you are. Make eye contact. If someone approaches you, continue walking. Don't walk near bushes, in alleys, and stay clear of parked cars. These are places where someone could hide. Walk on the sidewalk and against the traffic.

    Buy a Self Defense Product If Walking Alone

    If you are walking alone, this safety tip is as important as the others. We therefore, recommend you Buy a Self Defense Product. It's an option, in addition, to following the tips of safety we mentioned above. For instance, you could carry a TASER, stun gun, pepper spray, knife, or personal alarm. You can also carry one of these and compliment it with another self defense unit. Sound confusing, sorry. Carry a stun gun and a pepper spray at the same time. They compliment each other and you can use them both. Spray the threat in the eyes with the pepper spray. While the threat is in excruciating pain and rubbing his eyes and making it worse, add more to it. Bring him, or her, down with a dose of electricity.

    We at hope you find our article, Safety Tips If Walking Alone, helpful. Stay safe and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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  • Be Aware of Cyber Attacks

    What is a Cyber Attack?

    Be aware of Cyber Attacks. A cyber attack is an attempt by a hacker to damage or destroy a computer network or computer system. It can happen to individuals in addition to organizations. It is a malicious attempt to get information that is useful or beneficial to them.

    We believe these are the two most common types of cyber attacks:

    Be Aware of Password Attacks

    Password attacks are the most popular type of cyber attack. Attacks such as these are used to get into a computer system. Hackers therefore are able to obtain a person or organizations passwords. Hackers find it easy to obtain such passwords because user's use common words, such as a person's birthday or pets name. Users use such passwords because they are easy to remember. Hackers therefore even try looking over the shoulder of a person while they are on the computer. They even go so far as to snoop around a persons desk for passwords that may be written down. It is suggested that you change your password often. Don't use birthday's or someone's name. Mix the password up with numbers, letters, a capital letter or two and even a couple of unusual characters. Something that doesn't make sense at all is the best.

    Be Aware of Malware Attacks

    A malware attack is when hackers use malicious software to perform activities on a person's computer without their knowledge. It is said that this type of cyber attack is very complicated. These attacks come in the form of a link or an email attachment. That's why you always hear us as well as others say, "If you don't know the person who sent you the email, don't click on the link". If you do click on the link and it is a malware attack, it could automatically install something on your computer, take information from your hard drive, or completely shut your computer down where you can't even access anything on it. To avoid this from happening, update your software when new versions come out, log out of websites and your computer. And as always, update your passwords as often as possible.

    Our Recommendation Regarding Cyber Attacks

    There are certainly more, and different types of attacks on computer systems that we are not aware of. Password attacks and malware attacks are the ones we hear the most about. So please be careful where you store your passwords. Change your passwords often. If you click on a link in an email, make sure you know who the email came from. As for me personally, and WomenOnGuard, I don't even click on a link in an email even if I know the person. Be aware of cyber attacks.

    Be Aware of Cyber Attacks

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  • Safe Road Trips or Bates Motel?

    Safe Road Trips begin with making a good checklist. We recommend that you add a few things to your list of things to pack. For instance the Stun Baton or Stun Bat and the Door Stop Alarm have really given many people peace of mind. They have given college students moms and dads peace of mind. It's best to think of these items as soon as possible since most of them can only be found on the Internet.

    Add a Stun Baton or Stun Bat for Safe Road Trips

    Let's start with your car. What happens if someone tries to take your car while you are on a road trip away from home. You are getting gas or stopping for a snack. Best thing would be to have a passenger stay in the car at all times. Now, this passenger needs to be safe while waiting for everyone else. Keep either a stun baton or stun bat handy, just in case. These units give you reach so that you don't have to get close to the perp.

    Add a Door Stop Alarm for a Safe Hotel Stay on Your Road Trips

    Staying in a Hotel or the Bates Motel? It's probably a good idea to take that stun baton or stun bat in with you, just in case. You might also want to get one of my favorite items. The Door Stop Alarm. This Door Stop Alarm not only will alarm if someone tries to enter the room, but it will STOP the potential threat from coming in. All you have to do is place the door stop alarm behind any door. If an intruder attempts to open the door, the wedge-shaped design of the door stop alarm will prevent it from opening and activate a 120dB alarm.

    There you have it! Our recommendation to you so that you can enjoy your road trip in a safe and worry free manner. But, you still have to maintain the "always be aware of your surroundings". Peace!

    Rechargeable Stun Bat for Safe Road Trips

    Rechargeable Stun Bat

  • This Stun Baton Attitude Adjuster is Insane!

    This Stun Baton Attitude Adjuster is Insane! Why? Because it will certainly adjust your bad attitude with the 30 Million volts of power it carries. It also extends from 16.5 inches to 19 inches. Therefore, giving you a good distance from your potential threat or attacker. Who in their right mind would want to get close to their attacker if they didn't have to! This is why I like carrying a stun baton. The reach is the length of the baton plus your arms length.

    Here's a scenario we worked up

    Just imagine, you are out on a walk with your Jack Russell Terrier, Maya. Around the corner comes a large dog, let's call him Yoshi. No one is attached to the other end of Yoshi's leash. But, as soon as Yoshi see's Maya, he stops in his tracks. We stop in our tracks as well and say to yourself, oh shit, now what!

    Stun Baton Attitude Adjuster in Action

    You take your baton out of its holster. You extend it with a twist of your wrist and switch the unit on. Yoshi isn't backing down, yet. He starts walking slowly towards you and Maya with a half growling look. At that moment you hold the stun baton in the air and hit the stun button for 1 second. As a result, you hear a whimper and Yoshi turns around and runs away. Whew, that was close. Hopefully you won't run into a situation like that again. But if you do, you have our Attitude Adjuster Stun Baton.

    Stun Baton Attitude Adjuster Features

    Most Stun Batons have flashlights as does the Attitude Adjuster. But, this one has 5 light modes. For instance, Maximum, Medium, Low, SOS, and Strobe. It's also rechargeable. Simply plug one end in the side of the unit and the other end into a standard wall outlet. Because the unit is powerful, and to prevent accidental discharge, 2 levels of safety are built-in. You therefore, have to have the on/off switch in the ON position and you have to make contact by pushing the stun activation button. And as always, ALL of our stun devices come with a Lifetime Warranty.

    This stun baton is not being featured because it is new to our inventory, it's being featured because it is a kick-ass, non-lethal weapon to carry. Peace.

  • Personal Safety Tips

    There are many personal safety tips for protection you should keep in mind because this will help increase a positive and healthy outcome.

    Personal Safety Tips for Walking

    If you are walking, walk close to the curb facing oncoming traffic because this will help protect you against getting hit by a car. Carry your purse or bag close to your body. If you are being followed, or even think you are being followed, head for a crowded place. If people start milling around you, it could be a set-up for a mugging.

    Be Aware of Your Surroundings

    Always be aware of your surroundings and trust your instincts. Your personal safety and protection depends on it. If something feels wrong, it probably is wrong. Look confident when walking, standing or sitting. Tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back. Remember there is no right or wrong approach to dangerous situations or encounters.

    Defend and Protect Yourself

    To defend and protect yourself, you need to know yourself! How do you react in a crisis situation? Do you scream, cry, freeze? How would you defend yourself?

    Anger and Yelling

    Show your anger, not your fear. Heed our advise with our Personal safety tips for protection. This is important because a furious reaction often may stop an attack. Remember an attacker is looking for an easy victim. Yelling is always a good deterrent because it will draw attention to any crisis. If there are other people around, yell loudly enough to get their attention to what the assailant is doing. If you are alone and do not know anyone on the street or nearby, try calling a name out to make the attacker or assailant believe you may be with someone. This may also help if you are alone at home.

    Personal Safety Tips on Weapons

    If someone has a weapon stay calm and wait for an opportunity because weapons can make the situation more dangerous and difficult. But, there still may be something you can do about this.

    Window of Opportunity to Run

    Choose non-resistance so you can prevent physical violence and try to negotiate and stall for time. Because distracting or diverting the assailants attention helps provide a window of opportunity to flee. Verbal assertiveness like screaming, and using a whistle or personal alarm to attract attention and help. If you have any other self defense weapon on you like a stun gun or pepper spray, wait for an opportunity to use it and then run like hell for safety.

    We hope you'll take our advise on these Personal Safety Tips. We care about everyone, their safety and their well-being. Peace.

    Personal Safety Tips

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  • Fight and Flight in Self Defense

    Fight and Flight in Self Defense. You're probably saying to yourself, it's not suppose to be Fight and Flight, it's suppose to be Fight or Flight. However, we have a different take on this. So, we believe in having both responses so we're changing it to Fight and Flight in Self Defense.

    If you feel frightened or nervous when walking by yourself at night, you're not alone, most people do. When you walk alone at night you become vulnerable to attacks even though most attacks are unpredictable. 

    Because of the danger of walking alone at night, even during the day, you should be aware of your surroundings. This is crucial as to whether or not you find yourself in a situation you don't want to be in. But, either way, it's best to be prepared yourself for Fight and Flight in Self Defense, just in case. Let's introduce it.

    Fight and Flight

    Fight or Flight is a survival mechanism, that enables people and other mammals to react quickly to life-threatening situations. There are two possible outcomes. I've read many articles on this topic and most of them mention that you either Fight or Flight. Again, we believe in having both responses.

    First you fight to position yourself in the situation to obtain that window of opportunity and get to safety. Getting to safety is the flight part of this.

    In fight response, your reaction is to fight, and defend yourself against your attacker.

    Flight response requires you to escape from the situation. Therefore, running away from an attacker and getting to safety is the goal.

    When we refer to fight, the attacker is subdued by means of a self defense device. 

    The Use of a Self Defense Device to Fight

    One way is to spray them with pepper spray. As a result, this will temporarily blind them and disorient them giving you that window of opportunity to run like hell to safety. You go from Fight to Flight.

    Another way is to get them on the ground by using a stun gun. Stun them and while they are down, run like hell to safety. Again, you go from Fight to Flight.

    You could always carry a knife with you. You'll have to be careful with a knife. The attacker will try to take it from you. Be smart, don't give them an opportunity to grab it. Fight and Flight again.

    You can use any self defense device to fight with your attacker. Scream or activate a personal alarm that sounds off. Noice always draws attention to the situation. However, the perfect situation is to not get in the situation of having to defend yourself. But if you don't have a choice, there are many products you can use to fight with and give you that window of opportunity to run to safety. Check out our website and buy something you feel comfortable with. This is the first step towards personal protection and your road to safety. Peace, and stay safe. The Women On Guard Team.

  • Would You Buy This For Your Child?

    Would you buy a bulletproof backpack for your child? We are going from arming teachers to putting bulletproof backpacks on children. Many parents are talking about this and definitely would put one on their child while they are at school! These bulletproof backpacks are pretty cool, in my opinion. A little expensive but a small price to pay for your child's safety and your peace of mind.

    You have to be careful when talking to your child about wearing the backpack so it doesn't scare them. Try to incorporate it into their normal gear they wear and take to school. If you don't like the emoji backpacks, we will be adding some different sized rear guard ballistic shield backpack inserts very soon. Check out the emoji ones we have. They are available in orange and yellow.

  • What's Under This Umbrella... I mean Stunbrella?

    Looks can be deceiving. This umbrella is not an umbrella and it cannot function as such! It won't protect you from the rain but it will protect you from an attacker. This 10-inch stun gun flashlight looks like an ordinary folded umbrella. But it's not, it's a Stunbrella Stun Flashlight. You heard me right! You can carry this Stunbrella around and know one will even suspect that it can knock you on your ass. 

    Nowadays umbrellas are used both to protect people from the rain and the sun’s harmful UV rays so it is commonplace to see people carrying them in all kinds of weather. This 10-inch long Stunbrella also gives you an extended reach that keeps distance between you and your attacker. 

    Lightweight and easy to operate. The stun activation button is built into the grip, making the Stunbrella easy to use, just squeeze and stun. It also has a thumb controlled safety switch to prevent accidental discharge. It's available in Navy w/ Black handle or Black w/ Black handle.

    Check out the specifics and check out our website:

  • What's New, Affordable and Made in the USA?

    What's New, Affordable and Made in the USA? Our Keychain Pepper Spray with Belt Clip and Quick Release Keychain with 1.2% Major Capsaicinoids (MC). Major Capsaicinoids are the true heat measure and is more effective than most other pepper sprays on the market. Attach it to your keychain, carry it in your pocket, purse, book bag, briefcase, or backpack. Perfect for college students, men, or women and great to carry while running, jogging, or walking. 

    Check it out at:

    Check out our Store:

  • A Self Defense Zoomable Flashlight! A What?

    This 500 Lumen LED Self Defense Zoomable Flashlight has a blinding intensity and at 50 feet can zoom from a 30 feet beam down to a 6 feet beam. How fantastic is that! 

    Wait, there's more...

    The best part of this little, but powerful, flashlight is that It has a blinding strobe setting for defense-disorientation

    It measures 3 5/8 inch x 1 inch and includes the battery, battery charger and a belt/pocket clip. It's also durable and made of high quality aircraft grade aluminum. This baby is perfect for anyone and everyone. Perfect to put in your purse, back pack, pocket, book bag, briefcase, tool box. I could go on and on. This flashlight is one of the best out on the market today. Buy yours today and see (no pun intended)!


    Store Home Page:

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