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  • Ajax Can Safe for Hiding Your Valuables

    Do you have jewelry or money that you want to hide from others? We have a convenient unit called the Ajax Can Safe, that is perfect for hiding small items.

    It's called the Ajax Can Safe! This unit looks like a regular Ajax can, but it really is meant to be used for hiding your jewelry or money. You see, it has a special compartment that allows you to hide small valuables such  as money or jewelry.

    Nobody will think of looking for an Ajax Can Safe to see if you have hidden your valuables in it! Plus, Police in Chicago say that these cans are safe and a thousand times cheaper, ONLY $17.95.

  • Safety Technology Trigger Stun Gun 18 Million Volts

    Safety Technology has been around for a long time and their Stun Guns are very popular! 
    Plus, they come in many colors to choose from.

    Are you looking for a self defense unit with all the essentials? You have come to the right place! The Safety Technology Trigger Stun Gun 18 Million Volts is the perfect unit for protection.

    These units with 18 MILLION volts of take down power, is all you need to carry! It includes a flashlight with 100 lumens, a large squeeze trigger, rubberized exterior so that it doesn't slide from your hand. It also comes with a disable pin, as well. This means that if an attacker takes it from you, they will not be able to use it against you, because the disable wrist strap pin will un attach and the unit will not work if he takes it from you!

  • Wildfire Lipstick Pepper Spray

    These Wildfire Lipstick Pepper Spray are convenient for women to carry with them. They are small and can reach up to 8 to 10 feet away!

    We all know that there are bad attackers everywhere and having a self defense unit is a must for today's environments. These disguised Wildfire Lipstick Pepper Spray units that look like a lipstick are very convenient to carry for women. Attacker's will think that you are trying to look pretty while you take out your disguised unit! Surprise, it's not really a lipstick but a spray that shoots out pepper spray, instead!

    Simply aim at the attacker's face and spray into their eyes and entire face. It will make them cry like a baby from all the heat it delivers and allow's you to leave the scene immediately! PLUS, it includes a UV dye for police apprehension if caught! Police will then place him or her under a UV lamp and verify they caught the right individual.

  • WildFire Pepper Spray Stream Flip Top 2 oz 1.4%

    The flip top actuator has 1.4% Major Capsaicinoids. A true heat measure of pepper spray!

    This unit includes 2 oz, it's perfect for your home or to simply place it in your pocket or belt clip. It's called the Wildfire Pepper Spray Stream Flip Top 2 oz 1.4% MC. It also includes a leather-like holster with a belt clip. It can reach from 10 feet to 15 feet, depending on how windy it is. The unit also includes a flip top to prevent accidental discharge.

    Plus, of course it includes a UV marking Dye that helps police identify an attacker if he or she is placed under a UV lamp. This will let you know they have the right bad intentioned individual.

  • Taser Pulse Plus

    This unit is not a gun, but a convenient unit that can stop an attacker without killing him. It knocks him to the ground and continues to shock an attacker while you escape safely!

    This non lethal unit is the most used for self defense. It reaches 15 feet away, dropping an attacker while you escape safely. It includes a red dot that lets you know where you are aiming at and therefore allows you to drop an attacker down to the ground without killing him. It will take a few minutes for the attacker to get up again, offering you to escape safely.

    Nobody likes to go to jail and this unit can be used against an attacker, safely!

  • Keychain Pepper Spray with Belt Clip and Quick Release Keychain 1.2% MC

    This unit called the Keychain Pepper Spray with Belt Clip and Quick Release Keychain 1.2% MC is stronger than other pepper sprays!

    This unit is one of the most powerful units offers. It reaches 8 feet away, a good distance from an attacker. All you have to do is move the red clip over aim and press down.  This powerful unit includes a UV Dye that allows police to identify an attacker if caught.

    This unit called the Keychain Pepper Spray with Belt Clip and Quick Release Keychain 1.2% MC,  also has an extra keychain that you can use to attach your keys and belt clip, as well!

  • MultiGuard Stun Gun w/ Built-in Alarm & Flashlight, 20 Million Volts

    This unit is easy to use and is available in 7 colors. Plus, unlike other units, it also includes an ALARM, which will let others know that you are in a predicament.

    If you need some protection, this unit is perfect for you! It includes all the features of a stun gun, PLUS, an ALARM, as well! Plus it's available in 7 colors. It also includes a rubberized coating to prevent slipping.

    All you have to do if you have an attacker coming towards you, is touch an attacker with the MultiGuard Stun Gun w/ Built-in Alarm & Flashlight, 20 Million Volts and don't look back!

    Measures 5 1/4 inch  x 1 3/4 inch x 7/8 inch and also has a rubberized coating, too!

  • Wildfire Pepper Spray with Halo Blue Holster 1.4% MC

    This pepper spray unit is our NEWEST! It includes 1.4% MC. Reaches 6-8 feet away and includes up to 10 bursts!

    It's made in the USA and can reach up to 6 to 8 feet. If you get into a predicament, simply take out the Wildfire Spray with Halo Blue Holster 1.4% and aim at an attacker's eyes! They will cry like a baby from all the heat that is inflicted from the pepper spray. Then immediately leave the scene and don't look back!

    This newest unit from also has a quick key release and contains up to 6 to 10 one-second bursts.

    It's available in Purple, Pink, Red, Blue and Black.

  • Door Jammer

    Have you heard of the Door Jammer? It's a small unit that includes powerful protection against intruders at home, in the office or any other place! 

    Plus, you can take it anywhere with you, such as taking it into your office where you work, using it for preventing intruders going into your home and more!

    Door Jammer Features:
    • Horizontal force prevents intruders
    • There needs to be a 1/8 inch below the door
    • For all floors: hardwood, carpet, tile linoleum...
    • Rubber coated so it won't slide
    • Easy to remove, simply pull the unit upward
    • Great for dorm rooms, traveling, hotels, more

  • Mace Pepper Foam

    Not all pepper spray are the same and the Mace Pepper Foam is one of them. It stays longer on an attacker, allowing you to leave the scene faster!

    Women or men can protect themselves with the Mace Pepper Foam. The foam makes it stay longer on an attackers face, allowing you to leave the scene faster. He or she will cry like a baby!

    This unit works at outside and inside a home. The foam sticks better than other units that use liquid pepper spray, allowing you to leave the scene easier. This unit is available in two sizes: Mace Pepper Foam and Mace Pepper Foam Magnum.

    All you have to do is aim at an attacker's face and spray! Then leave the scene immediately and don't look back!

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