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  • Women's Self Defense Package

    Discrete and easy to conceal non lethal weapons for the fashion conscience woman. This package offers a 15% discount when you purchase it. Includes 3 of our most popular products: The Lipstick Stun Gun, Lipstick Pepper Spray, and the Hair Brush Diversion Safe. Check out more information on this fantastic deal by visiting our website at:

  • Breast Cancer Self Defense Special

    Help in the fight against Breast Cancer. We have three products that we have combined together to make this special. In doing so, you have the opportunity to SAVE 10% AND you are helping in the fight that we have been in the ring with for many years.

    You get a Pink Pepper Spray, Personal Alarm, and Perfume Stun Gun.

    A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this special goes to fight Breast Cancer.

  • Me2 Stun Gun, Available in Pink or Black

    A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Pink Me2 Stun Gun unit goes to help organizations that support and protect women. 

    These units have 3 devices you can use to defend yourself. First, the bright LED Light can be used to shine in the assailants eyes and temporarily blind them so you can run for safety. Second, it has a powerful 23 Million volts of stunning power. And third, the prongs on the end of the unit can be used to strike the assailant. This unit is perfect to carry when walking, jogging, running or just going around town.



  • Stun Baton Flashlight 27 Million Volts

    This unit is a must for home protection or while simply carrying out at night. It's long, and has many features you will love!

    This unit is Weather Resistant, includes blinding LED light, has 27 Million Volts of Self Defense, it's made with Military Grade Aluminum, includes 20 hours of use and many more feature's you will love!

    The unit called the Stun Baton Flashlight 27 Million Volts, is easy to charge, just attache it to a wall socket. Be protected at home or while outside at night! Plus it also includes FREE SHIPPING and more!

  • Wow, those look cool! What are Japanese Throwing Stars?

    For centuries, Japanese Throwing Stars have been associated with martial arts. These weapons come in the form of a star with projecting blades or points. They are very effective as a non lethal self defense weapon. You have to practice to increase accuracy and effectiveness. Check out the different throwing stars we carry in our online store:

  • Keychain Alarm with Flashlight

    This unit is a must for staying safe. It includes an alarm to let others know if you are in a predicament! Plus it also includes an LED light, as well.

    If you are a woman or a man, you need protection from from attackers! It seems like every body should have protection and one way to get protection is to let others know if you are in a predicament. This Keychain Alarm with Flashlight is a must to carry with you.

    Not only do schools need protection but all men and women should have a unit that lets others know if they are in trouble.

  • Gold Stun Gun with Zoomable Flashlight 18 Million Volt

    This unit is perfect for hiding in a purse or backpack. It has a Zoomable Flashlight that blinds temporarily an attacker while you escape safely.

    Are you in need of a self defense unit that includes a Stun Gun with 18 Million Volts and a Zoomable Flashlight with 180  Lumens LED light that you can shine in an attackers eyes and temporarily blind them while you escape safely. It's perfect for self defense while you exercise out doors, or for camping as well!

    Plus, it's made with with high quality aircraft grade aluminum which is perfect for other tasks. It measures 7 1/4 inches x 1 5/8 inches and includes a charing cord and more!

  • Ajax Can Safe for Hiding Your Valuables

    Do you have jewelry or money that you want to hide from others? We have a convenient unit called the Ajax Can Safe, that is perfect for hiding small items.

    It's called the Ajax Can Safe! This unit looks like a regular Ajax can, but it really is meant to be used for hiding your jewelry or money. You see, it has a special compartment that allows you to hide small valuables such  as money or jewelry.

    Nobody will think of looking for an Ajax Can Safe to see if you have hidden your valuables in it! Plus, Police in Chicago say that these cans are safe and a thousand times cheaper, ONLY $17.95.

  • Safety Technology Trigger Stun Gun 18 Million Volts

    Safety Technology has been around for a long time and their Stun Guns are very popular! 
    Plus, they come in many colors to choose from.

    Are you looking for a self defense unit with all the essentials? You have come to the right place! The Safety Technology Trigger Stun Gun 18 Million Volts is the perfect unit for protection.

    These units with 18 MILLION volts of take down power, is all you need to carry! It includes a flashlight with 100 lumens, a large squeeze trigger, rubberized exterior so that it doesn't slide from your hand. It also comes with a disable pin, as well. This means that if an attacker takes it from you, they will not be able to use it against you, because the disable wrist strap pin will un attach and the unit will not work if he takes it from you!

  • Wildfire Lipstick Pepper Spray

    These Wildfire Lipstick Pepper Spray are convenient for women to carry with them. They are small and can reach up to 8 to 10 feet away!

    We all know that there are bad attackers everywhere and having a self defense unit is a must for today's environments. These disguised Wildfire Lipstick Pepper Spray units that look like a lipstick are very convenient to carry for women. Attacker's will think that you are trying to look pretty while you take out your disguised unit! Surprise, it's not really a lipstick but a spray that shoots out pepper spray, instead!

    Simply aim at the attacker's face and spray into their eyes and entire face. It will make them cry like a baby from all the heat it delivers and allow's you to leave the scene immediately! PLUS, it includes a UV dye for police apprehension if caught! Police will then place him or her under a UV lamp and verify they caught the right individual.

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